Beagle art

Beagle art

Beagle in history and art Beagles are charming and upbeat and pretty much everything you want in a dog. As a bread, they are recognised by their unique colour pattern, black, white, and fawn or by the famous beagle known as Snoopy or in Wallace and Gromit. They have also over the years been one …

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Understanding ivdd in dogs

Understanding IVDD in Dogs: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD) is a common spinal condition affecting dogs, causing varying degrees of pain, discomfort, and even paralysis. With the proper knowledge and timely intervention, you can help your dog lead a comfortable, happy life despite this condition.  Our guide will help you understand the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for IVDD in …

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Dog crate cover

Dog crate covers

When traveling with a dog and using a crate, adding a crate cover will make your companion feel more comfortable during the journey. A dog crate cover is a piece of material that is placed outside the crate. The fabric can be waterproof or insulated and comes in an assortment of colors and patterns. Luxury brands use materials …

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Facts about dogs

Facts about dogs

We all think that because we have a dog as a pet, we know all about them; what is more, we even think we can understand the barking of a dog misinterpreting it many times. The truth is that we don’t know so much about our dogs, and it takes a while to understand our best friends …

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Good food for dogs

What food is good for dogs?

The best food for dogs contains all the healthy nutrients and vitamins you need during its varied life stages. It should help your dog’s growth, support, and feed strong bones and muscles and supply enough energy according to your dog’s body weight. Dog foods should contain natural ingredients without harmful allergens or chemicals. They should …

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Goldendoodles and children

Are Goldendoodles Good with Children? A Helpful Blog Post Covering the Benefits and Drawbacks

If you’re a dog owner considering adopting a Goldendoodle, you’re probably wondering if they’re good with children. After all, one of the main reasons why people adopt dogs is for companionship – and what could be more companionable than a dog who loves spending time with kids? In this blog post, we’ll cover the benefits …

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Dog harness

Dog harness – Short Guide

Dog harnesses have become more and more popular among dog owners, slowly replacing the standard collar. These harnesses make dog walking a much more leisurely activity, as the dog will feel less tension when the leash gets tighter. The pulling force is equally distributed on the dog’s body, leaving the breathing passages free. Types of …

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