Animal inspired jewelry – for dog owners and animal lovers

Animal inspired jewlery

Whatever the reason for buying a gift, whenever we look at choosing something for animal lovers, jewelry is the best option. A piece of jewelery will always be well received and cherished for a very long time.

Animal inspired jewelry is a fantastic way to celebrate nature and the strong bond between a human and its animal friend, be it a pet or a wildlife species. Unique fauna pieces can guide your animal spirit guide into your life, giving you strength, patience and wisdom.

Jewelry can take many forms and colors (golden, rose gold, silver). It can be created from a variety of materials such as yellow or white gold, sterling silver, rhodium, stainless steel, the plastic, leather, rope, then given exquisite designs to please the eye of the holder.

To add extra glam, any type of ornamental jewlery, gems, precious stones, crystals or pearls can be encrusted. Most people choose to have their birthstone or an energy-charged Chrystal to balance them spiritually.

One of the best things that come with choosing any type of jewlery is that it can be easily personalized, especially by engraving. Engraving adds that extra level of uniqueness, making it a bit more special. Jewlers can engrave a pet’s name or initials, special dates and even a pet’s portrait.

Top jewlery for pet owners

Wildlife and pet jewlery collections can contain artfully designed items such as:

  • necklaces and pendants
  • bracelets and charms
  • chockers
  • luxury keyrings
  • earrings
  • rings 
  • brooches
  • anklets
  • hair clips
  • hair combs and ornaments
  • cufflinks
  • pins

Dog jewlery and cat jewlery can be personalized using micro-engraving to create individual designs mirroring the actual pet. 

Among the top 5 animal-inspired jewlery, we can add:

  1. Personalized pendants – these beautifully crafted pendants can have the pet’s initials or full name, the date it entered your home as a new member of the family.
  2. Charms with paw prints – coloured gems can be encrusted on these charms. They would be a great addition to charm bracelets, necklaces, keyrings and even rings.
  3. Pet photo charms – through micro-engraving, your pet’s photo will be added to these charms. It could also be a fantastic gift for someone that lost a pet, thus preserving its memory. The pet’s photo is uploaded on the charm inside the chosen gem. 
  4. Personalized rings – your favourite pet or wildlife species can become an exquisite cocktail ring or one to wear every day.
  5. Engraved bangles – the beauty of this type of jewlery is that bangles can be engraved with beautiful and inspiring quotes, with your pet’s name and any other detail. The personalization can be made either on the outer side of the bangle, for everyone to see and read, or on the inner one, for your own eyes only.

Jewelry for dogs, cats and other pets

Dog and pet owners can choose to match their animal-inspired jewlery pieces with a glamorous gift offered to their pets:

  • embroidered leather collars
  • rhinestone collars
  • pendants for collars
  • pearl necklaces
  • pet suitable encrusted hair clips

To all of these, attaching an engraved pendant customized with their birthstone or a micro-engraved portrait will give a chic appearance to any family pet.

Artisan jewlery for pets and their owners is expanding its products and designs every year. Today it is easy to find and buy the jewlery for animal lovers and their pets from places like:

  • Specialized shops – small boutiques that sell dog, cat and pet accessories
  • Some high-end pet shops
  • Custom made at a jeweler’s shop – giving the option to create more tailored designs and bespoke items
  • Online shops that sell bijoux and fauna inspired items
  • From websites that offer personalized gifts, including jewlery, ornaments and other trinkets.
  • Local artisans and artists
  • From charities supporting wildlife and rescue centres

Regardless of your final choice in terms of design, material or color, it’s good to know that choosing animal-themed ornaments for animal lovers it’s a fantastic idea. These pieces can be fun and easy to accessorize with any outfit. They can be bold and make a real statement – think of lions, panthers, slithery snakes. More so, it’s easy to fit them in with any personality, as long as you choose the person’s favorite animal. Everyone will surely appreciate the new jewelry piece.