Are dog hotels any good?

Are dog hotels any good

Most people prefer to travel further away from home, explore new places, and enjoy a different holiday environment. 

Dog owners have to decide if they will travel with their furry companions or not. Sometimes, taking one or more dogs on a more extended trip or holiday can be difficult due to various reasons such as:

  • not having up to date vaccines
  • issues with paperwork or passports
  • transport companies refusing to accept pets on board
  • non-pet friendly accommodation
  • business trips or study exchange
  • increased cost
  • or simply because people need a bit of alone time

When friends or family can’t offer to help with pet sitting over such a long period, a solution for dog owners is to take their dogs to a kennel where boarding is possible, or even better – to a dog hotel.

Dog and pet hotels are perfect for people who want to ensure their furry family member is well catered to all its needs with extra sparkle.

Facilities that cater for dogs

What are dog hotels?

Dog hotels are specially designed facilities that cater for dogs, offering overnight stays, special services as dog training, socializing, dog grooming and even spa treatments.

A dog hotel will include:

  • Walled rooms with good sizing and natural light
  • A crate-free environment
  • Room amenities such as dog beds, sofas and toys
  • Heating/Air conditioning
  • Chemical-free environment
  • The opportunity for privacy (to avoid sensory overload)
  • Hotel-style amenities- food, play area, paddling pools
  • Staff with a passion for their job and love for dogs
  • High-end pet hotels will offer luxury services and a more personalized approach (speciality food, treatments, other indulgent treats)

Are dog hotels safe?

A safe and caring environment with endless love at this dog hotel is what everyone is looking for.

The happiness and safety of a family pet are paramount for every owner. Before deciding to leave a dog in anyone’s care, it is better to check in advance their credentials, even for a short while.

Looking at how dog hotels are safe, owners should check the premises, visiting the place before booking a stay for their dog. Reviews from former clients are an excellent way to learn more about a business.

A safe dog hotel should have in place:

  • A health and safety plan in place
  • A healthy proportion of staff divided between the number of pets at any time
  • Trained staff
  • CCTV
  • Reliable fire alarm
  • 24/7 on-call vet services
  • Secure entrance to deter intruders

The best hotels for dogs

Deciding on what are the best dog hotels, a look at what there is on offer. The high quality of service and amenities is crucial, just as much as the location is.

In terms of location, dog owners can find the closest place to their home address or a hotel that offers a so-called dog taxi service. Alternatively, they can look at finding a hotel close to the area they want to visit or spend their holiday—for example, looking at the best pet hotel near NASA in Webster or the best hotel near a local beach.

Costs are also significant when ascertaining a boarding facility such as a hotel for dogs. Finding out the daily/nightly rates and whether this includes walks, individual attention, giving medications, and bathing. 

What is the checkout time is another important aspect when deciding on the best hotels. A much later checkout is always preferable, allowing you to enjoy the morning of your departure better knowing that you will be on time to pick your pet.

Dogs welcome

Alternatives to dog hotels

Finding a convenient pet hotel might prove to be hard sometimes. In this case, the alternatives could be:

  • find a pet-friendly accommodation and take your dog with you on holiday (B&Bs, pet-friendly hotels or self-catering cottages)
  • leave your pet in doggy daycare with a boarding option, close to your hotel
  • dog kennels – some of them offer to board on site whilst others have families that keep the dogs in their homes overnight (after the kennels close for the day)
  • pet sitters – usually, pet sitters will have your dog in their home; however, there are also pet sitters that accept sitting in your home.
  • ask a neighbour to visit your home, feed the dog, take it for a daily walk