Are treat-dispensing toys good for dogs?

Treat dispenser toy for dog food

Is your home filled with enthusiastic barking and tail wagges when it comes to mealtime? Have you ever wished for a way to reward your pup without having them scarf down their food in one sitting?

If so, treat dispensing toys may be the answer you’re looking for! Not only will they bring out your pup’s inner detective skills, but these clever toys can also provide an effective mental and physical outlet for destructive behaviors.

So, if you are contemplating adding some new excitement into your dog’s life, read on to learn more about why investing in treat dispensing toys is such a good idea!

What are the advantages of using a treat dispensing toy for your dog?

  • Treat dispensing toys can help keep dogs entertained when their owners are away. They provide mental stimulation and can also occupy the dog and give them something to do other than chew up furniture. 
  • They are a great way to reward good behavior without giving your dog treats all the time. Having an interactive toy that dispenses treats only when it is played with encourages more positive behaviors from your pup. 
  • It strengthens the bond between you and your canine pal by providing physical and mental stimulation. When you spend time playing with a treat-dispensing toy, your pup will learn that spending time with you is a rewarding experience. 
  • You can use them to manage your pet’s diet by controlling how much treat or food is dispensed at once, which can help regulate their weight. 
  • It helps keep their teeth clean by preventing tartar buildup since most of these toys have nubs and ridges that help rub against the teeth as they try to get the treat out. 
  • It encourages problem-solving skills in your dog as they figure out how to get the treat out of the toy independently without any assistance. This is great for dogs who may be a bit on the lazy side and need extra motivation to move around more often.  
  • If your pup gets bored easily, using a treat-dispensing toy is an excellent way to jazz up mealtime while keeping them engaged and motivated during playtime. Plus, if your pooch enjoys learning new tricks, you can use these toys as incentives for completing tasks correctly and consistently! 
  • These toys come in different sizes, shapes, textures and difficulty levels, so there’s something available for every type of pup regardless of age or breed size. This ensures that each dog gets an appropriate challenge level based on their individual learning ability and skillset.
Treating my dog for good behavior

Types of treat-dispensing toys for dogs

The best treat dispensing toys for dogs are a great way to provide your pup with mental and physical stimulation and a reward for good behaviour. Many types of treat-dispensing toys are available on the market, ranging from traditional puzzle-type toys to interactive robotic-style toys.

  • Interactive treat dispenser: This treat toy is great for keeping your pup occupied while you’re away or busy. It requires your dog to work to get the treats inside by moving, rolling and shaking the toy, giving mental stimulation while they get their reward.
  • Treat-release puzzle toys: These are perfect for dogs who love a challenge. The toy has compartments that need to be opened or flipped before releasing food/treats. This can help keep your pup entertained as they must figure out how to solve the puzzle to get their reward.
  • Treat balls: A great way to turn mealtime into a fun game! Your pup must roll and push the ball around until treats come out from the opening. This can help provide exercise and mental stimulation and help slow down mealtime if your pup eats too fast. 
  • Snuffle mats: These are interactive mats with fabric strips that hide treats among them, encouraging your dog’s natural foraging instinct! They offer physical activity and mental stimulation as your pup has to figure out where the hidden treats are. 
  • Slow feeders: Perfect for dogs who tend to gulp down their food too quickly – these treat toys require them to eat slowly through a small opening. This can help prevent bloat or uncomfortable stomach issues caused by eating too fast and provide an extra challenge at mealtime! 
  • Dispensing toys that require multiple steps: These types of toys require more than one step for the treats or kibble inside them to be dispensed – making it a good choice for highly intelligent pups that need more of a challenge!


Your dog loves treats, but you don’t always have time to stop and give them a snack. 

You love your dog, so you want to ensure they get the best care possible. That includes plenty of exercise, mental stimulation, and regular snacks.

Treat dispensing toys are the perfect solution! These toys keep your dog entertained and challenged while providing them with delicious treats.