What is the best thing about owning a Pomeranian dog?

Best things about pomeranians

The best thing about being a Pom’s owner is the fact that it is that you can train your dog effortlessly. Highly intelligent, this particular breed will learn its commands quickly and will create a bond with its owner immediately. Eager to please its master, the Pomeranian can become a pleasant companion that will remain close to the human it bonds with.

What makes Pomeranians the best dogs?

Esthetically pleasing, with a strong personality and lots of love to offer, Pomeranians have been in the centre of attention over the past 200 years, favoured by royalty, celebrities, and owners worldwide.

This breed’s size is one of the things that makes it the most popular among people looking to own a so-called toy dog that never seems to grow and can be taken anywhere without worrying too much about its weight at only 7 pounds and 11 inches tall for an adult-sized dog.

A Pomeranian’s look – echoing a fox’s features, with a double coat of fur, is visually pleasing, attracting envious views from passers-by. Taking this little ball of energy out for a walk can transform into a photo session at times.

Although tiny in size, their characteristic traits include a boldness that makes them own the place wherever they go. They will challenge bigger breeds ending up in a barking session. New owners must socialize their Pomeranians with other dogs from early days to ensure such events are rare.

Protective of their owners, Pomeranians are great companions and will act as watchdogs. They are recognized as a breed that barks a lot. However, they can be trained to reduce unnecessary barking.

Easy to train and teach new tricks, they can be taught from early days command words such as: sit, come, stay, bed. Having said that, this particular breed is not ideal for a first-time dog owner.

The Pomeranians are ideal for the elderly as they absolutely love having a cuddle and spending time with their owner, happily ignoring any dog toys or dog accessories just to be able to sit with their master. They will provide long hours of companionship to cure loneliness. Moreover, they are ideal for alerting their owners of any unusual happenings.

Pomeranian puppies

Pomeranian puppies for sale – where to buy them from

This pure breed is a highly popular one in the USA, the UK, and Europe; thus, finding a breeder in your area might seem quite easy.

When looking to buy a puppy, ensure that you research for well-known breeders who take pride in their litters, putting the parents and puppies’ welfare in the first place rather than placing a bigger focus on gaining rapid money.

For example, if looking for Pomeranian puppies for sale in California or another area, ask other owners on forums, read information about the breeders on specialized blogs and then contact the breeder of your choice. Don’t rush into paying anything upfront. Visit the place, check their credentials and only when you are happy and received the answers to your questions, continue to the next step.