DEX App Improves Your Dog Walking Experience 

Technology is available almost anywhere. There are apps to suit a multitude of needs and tastes.

On the market you can find so many apps that make your life easier. So, why not an app that enhances your dog walking experience?

Good news is that there is a surprisingly good app that has revolutionized the dog walking experience in the United States of America.

This is the DEX App. A mobile app for sharing information when walking your dog

Many people have had many location barriers when going out with their dogs. Some of them feared to get lost in new places and some of them even got lost.

Some faced limited choices of places to take their dogs for a walk.

Now dog owners can sit back, relax and forget about all these concerns surrounding your dog walking routine and by simply starting to use the DEX App. 

Why do you need the DEX App

It is understandable that you need prior information before visiting a given park or trail. DEX App comes handy for this as it opens to a flood of information about any location you select.

When you open the app, it will start searching for all potential friendly dog walking locations surrounding your actual location. Then, when you select the desired location, the app will display all the essential information needed about this area.

The information comes from the reviews and comments left by fellow users, posted after their dog walking in these places.

Safety for you and your dog

For all dog owners the security and safety of their pets is vital.Just as it should be. The DEX App provides you with all the security details of the places you wish to visit.

If there is any information regarding any hazard in the park or the trail chosen by you, this will be highlighted in the app. This is based on the real input given by those who visited the area.

There is even information about the presence of any predator or aggressive dogs in that area.

Are you covered if a dog in your custody decides to bite a member of the public? If dog walking is your business, don't forget that you need protection. A dog walker insurance is not a legal requirement but will protect you from third party claims.

Knowing your location at all times

This app relieves you of the worry of getting lost in an unknown area. As long as you have the energy and are able to keep the pace with your pet, you can walk your dog to any part of the trail or park in question.

The DEX App keeps a record of your movement and it will display it for you. Thus, you can see where you came from and where you are.

So, in case you feel that you are lost, you will simply trace your path back to where you started your journey and walk out safely.

Wide variety of suitable locations

Having a variety of places to visit and to take your dog for a walk has great benefits for your wellbeing. With DEX App you will be able to choose to explore a great number parks and trails around you.

Rather than visiting the same place repeatedly, you will be able to select different places from the wide range that the app provides you with.

DEX App will give you frequent updates about the parks and trails surrounding you to enhance your walking experiences. This will come from the feedback that you will give as you leave a place.

In short, this versatile app keeps improving your experience in more ways than you may think. 

Dog walking in a park

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