K9 Security: What You’ve Wanted to Know about K9 Dogs

K9 Police security dog

Humans have about 5 million scent receptors in their noses. Dogs have about 225 million

This is just one trait that makes our canine friends’ such valuable assets in the security world. Have you ever wondered exactly what makes K9 security dogs so distinct from our regular canine friends? 

Keeping reading to learn more about K9 dogs. 

What Are K9 Dogs?

The name K9 is a homophone for the word canine. This special distinction is given to dogs that are specifically trained for security purposes. 

Trained while they are still pups, police and security dogs work with their owner who is also trained to be their handler. A K9 security team works together all the time, they are partners in every sense. In fact, a K9 police dog is often sworn in just like their human partner.

A K9 security dog can be from any breed, although certain breeds lend well to certain training. So while you may see a German Shephard and think “police dog” don’t be surprised if you see a beagle or lab or some other breed as well. 

What Do K9 Dogs Do?

Remember how dogs have 45 times more scent receptors than humans? Those scent receptors get a good workout with every type of K9 security job. 

Searching For Explosives

K9 dogs trained to find explosives have to learn to detect over 10,000 different smells. They have extensive training and strict guidelines to be sure the dog is able to complete the needed task. 

Finding Drugs

In order to accurately sniff out drugs, these K9s are trained to ignore other smells and only search for drugs. You could offer them their favorite treat and they will ignore that smell while they are working. 

Search and Rescue

These K9s are taught how to track scents. They can follow the slightest of trails to find people who are lost or suspects that are trying to get away. 


A patrol dog has more extensive training than a guard dog. Patrol dogs work as a team with their handler to protect them and the area they are in.

Trained to take down and hold a suspect hostage, even armed suspects, K9s are the first line of defense for their human counterparts. They will stay with their handler and follow orders. 

Who Uses K9 dogs?

Police, security forces, and search and rescue teams are the most well-known employers for K9 security dogs. 

There are many K9 security services such as 3dk9detection.com that train and offer these K9 services to anyone who may need them. 

K9 Security Dogs Are Amazing

With their extensive training and ability to focus, K9 security dogs help keep us safe. Remember to not approach a working K9, it is important to let them do their job and listen to their handler without distraction. You can help them do their job better now that you know how much training has gone into what they do.  

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