Dog crate covers

When travelling with a dog and using a crate, adding a crate cover will make your companion feel more comfortable during the journey.

A dog crate cover is

A piece of material that is placed outside the crate. The material can be waterproof or insulated and come with an assortment of colors and patterns.

Luxury brands use materials of better quality, with bolder designs. Some luxury brands, such as Lords and Labradors, offer handmade items to suit various tastes. They also make matching cushions that come with the covers in a set. This means that even if you pay more for a luxury item, you gain added value as both you and your pet can benefit from buying a set that has all the necessary parts to offer a comfortable experience.

Some covers could have external pockets and handles to make it easier to carry.

Why buying dog crate covers?

Sometimes, dogs might want to retreat in a darker, quieter place where they feel safe, as a reminiscence of their wild ancestors’ behaviour.

Also, dogs are mimicking their owner’s behaviour. We all sometimes feel the need to retreat and recollect. It is the same for your dog.

If your dog is making a recovery from illness or operation, using a crate with a suitable cover will allow your pet to retreat and feel comfortable.

Dog crate covers come in a various size to fit in wide variety of crates and suit your dog’s size.

These covers can be made of

  • cotton
  • breathable materials
  • polyester etc.

They can be

  • insulated
  • waterproofed or
  • both at the same time.

What to look for in a cover for your dog’s crate:

  • 1. Durability – if you have a dog that chews anything, take extra care when selecting the crate cover and check the material’s endurance.
  • 2. Outdoor/indoor uses – choose the best cover to suit your needs. For an indoor crate cover you might look into softer fabrics , plumper cushions for extra comfort when your dog might snuggle in its crate.
  • 3. When choosing an outdoor crate you need to think about suitability in all kind of weather, practicality and weight.
  • 4. Waterproof – to offer protection during wet weather but also after a walk in a park where there are water elements or after a beach trip.
  • 5. Insulation – to protect your dog through winter conditions and blustery winds. Insulated means protection from the sun as well. When traveling by airplane, an insulated dog crater cover will make the flight more comfortable
  • 6. Size – choose the right size of cover according to your dog’s crate.
  • 7. Lightweight – to make it easier to carry when added to the crate’s own weight
  • 8. Easy to clean – choose the material that it easier to clean, doesn’t hold stains (it’s worth choosing a darker color)

How to clean the cover?

Depending of the type of material you can clean it by hand wiping down the dirt, vacuuming, hand wash or place it in a washing machine.

Read the label and the product instructions to avoid any accidents.

Choose the detergent according to the washing instructions.

Where to buy?

You can find dog crate covers in pet shops, specialised stores and online.
We made a list with crate covers based on users reviews and opinions shared with us and online.

Here are our top recommendations for 2019:

  • Petsfit Polyester Crate Cover for Wire Crates

    This cover is made of oxford cloth which is a durable material that washes easily. It has a zip at the back making it easier to fit onto the crate.


    + It comes in 3 sizes
    + Two color choices: grey and black
    + Choice for single or double door
    + Mesh material for the door and mini windows
    + Openings at the top of the crate making it easy to ventilate the crate
    + Soft and comfortable material
    + Thick padding
    + Waterproofed
    + Good protection from the wind
    + 30 days money guarantee is offered

    Check the price


    - No 24” cover offered
    - Not thick enough for winter period

  • Precision Pet Indoor/Outdoor CrateCover

    This cover has the advantage of coming in six different sizes, the largest being Jumbo that fits 48 inch crates.


    + Good sizing choices
    + It is made of durable material
    + Resistant to water
    + Has flaps to allow a good ventilation
    + Comes in twwo color choices
    + Can be machine washed
    + Good zipping system

    Check the price


    - Doesn’t come with a choice for double doors

  • Mud River Dixie Insulated Kennel Cover

    This cover was designed for kennels but it can also fit over a wire crate.


    + Comes in 4 sizes
    + It has MicroLite3 insulation that increases the temperature for better comfort
    + Exterior made of heavy duty material
    + The window flaps can be removed
    + It has pockets for various canine related items
    + He bottom is made of non-slip rubber
    + Plastic handles to carry

    Check the price


    - Can only be washed by hand, with a hose or under the tap

Luxury dog crate covers

  • Lords & Labradors Grey Spot Oilcloth Dog Crate Cover to fit Midwest iCrate and Similar Sized Dog crates

    This UK luxury brand offers handmade crate covers with a difference. The material used is oilcloth, a very resistant material very easy to maintain. Their covers come in a choice of sizes and patterns to which you can add a matching mat.


    + Comes in 6 sizes
    + Distinctive pattern from the usual crate covers
    + Easy to wipe clean
    + Stylish
    + Roll-up doors

    Check the price


    - For the price paid it would have been nice to have the mat included

  • Lords & Labradors Dog Crate, Cover and Cushion Set in Seafoam Bird Trail and Yellow Dotty (Ex Large)

    This is an Extra Large luxury cover that comes together with the matching mat with a choice of black, gold or silver material.


    + Creates a cosy place for your companion
    + Easy to clean and maintain
    + Beautiful pattern
    + Luxurious style
    + It's a set of cover and cushion

    Check the price


    - On the expensive side, please bear in mind this is a luxury brand though!

  • BowhausNYC Fair Isle Crate Cover

    + Comes in three sizes: small, medium and large
    + Beautiful pattern
    + Fits both one door and double door crates
    + Stylish design
    + Matching bed can be purchased separately

    Check the price


    - It can only be dry-leaned
    - Sizing needs to be checked well before ordering

  • BowHausNYC Elegancia Crate Cover

    + Small, Medium and Large sizing
    + Beautiful pattern
    + Gives a luxurios appearance to the crate
    + A matching mat can be also bought (they don't come together)

    Check the price


    - Dry clean only

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