5 Common Dog Feeding Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Bowl with biscuits for dogs

As man’s best friend, a dog doesn’t have to try very hard to be spoiled and pampered.

However, as much as you would like to indulge your pet when it comes to feeding habits, pet owners should be mindful that their feeding habits may be doing more harm than good. Sometimes the way we feed our pets can cause unintended health issues.

If you’re a pet owner, consider the following dog feeding mistakes to be conscious about keeping your best friend in top shape.

Not Feeding for Life Stage

Dogs should be fed in life stages, as one would do so for humans.

Puppies, for example, have different dietary needs from adults and older dogs and require more calories. A grown dog would therefore be getting too many calories if fed puppy food. Regarding supplying dog food, one size does not fit all.

Feeding Dogs Human Food

Just because certain foods are healthy for humans does not necessarily mean they would benefit dogs. Some foods considered good for humans but poisonous to dogs would be grapes, dark chocolate, onions, and garlic (among others). Even cow’s milk is ill-advised due to causing upset stomachs in dogs.

Feeding Them Food off the Table

Human pet owners are often softhearted about feeding their dogs from the table, but it is to be noted that this habit can inadvertently do more harm than good.

The main issue with this is that people are not always mindful and diligent in managing their dog’s caloric balance, and feeding dogs excess table scraps can cause obesity. If you want to preserve your dog’s health, this is one of the most serious dog-feeding mistakes to remember.

One of the Most Common Dog Feeding Mistakes — Bones

Yes, it’s true:  dogs love a good bone to gnaw upon. However, as with any other decadent treat, it is not safe and healthy for them. If overworked, a chewed-up bone can splinter off and create shards. This can pose a choking hazard and even internal puncture wounds.

Bones are not necessary for a healthy pet, so better to throw out the bones with a meal rather than give them to the dog.

Too Many Treats

Giving your dog treats is a playful sign of affection and indulgence; however, over-indulging your pet will cause more problems in the long run.

Like feeding your pet from off the table with human food, giving it too many treats will also cause a diet imbalance, treats are not meant to be substitutes for well-balanced meals for your pets, therefore, be cautious about how often they are doled out and save your beloved dog from obesity issues.

Only the Best for Your Best Friend

As with humans with their children, pet parents are susceptible to making an error along the way, but this is understandable as they are usually done out of ignorance and not a lack of love. Just be mindful to avoid these dog-feeding mistakes and vow to do the best for your best friend.

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