Dog harness – Short Guide

Dog harness

Dog harnesses have become more and more popular among dog owners, slowly replacing the standard collar. These harnesses make dog walking a much more leisurely activity, as the dog will feel less tension when the leash gets tighter. The pulling force is equally distributed on the dog’s body, leaving the breathing passages free.

Types of dog harness

These special ‘jackets’ come in numerous shapes and sizes to suit every dog breed and adapt to the owner’s purpose:

  • Training
  • Grooming harness
  • Skijoring
  • Everyday walking
  • Luminous (LED) harness for dog in a variety of colors
  • Reflective padded harness
  • No-pull harness
  • Hauling 
  • Harness for guide dogs
  • Hiking harness
  • Classic harness (doesn’t look like a coat)
  • Designer harnesses – organic materials, artistic decorated

In terms of the material used, there are harnesses made of leather, nylon, or breathable fabric, like mesh.

How to choose a dog harness

There are few steps to take into account before making a purchase for such an item:

The first step is to check is your dog’s size and then look at what there is on offer for your dog breed. A larger dog breed will require a much sturdier material and fastening than a small-sized one.

Next, think of the purpose of this buy: do you want to train your dog, use it for sports activities, or everyday walking? Everyday activities mean a simple harness. However, for hauling or sports, you need to look at the material’s reliability, a minimum of three points (rings) that will allow weight pressure distribution enabling the dog to perform at full capacity and in risk-free conditions.

third step is to check the material: soft padded harnesses and natural leather ones are really comfortable for dogs. Leather is also very durable, but it changes its qualities when wet, becoming stretchier when dried and becomes more rigid. 

Lastly, pricing is a decisive factor when buying any new items. While you might look for a cheaper opportunity for everyday items, when you look at purchasing something for strenuous activities, it is worth investing more money for better quality and endurance.

Before completing the acquisition, if you are in a physical shop, try the harness on your dog, pace around the shop to check how you and your dog feel using the product.

Led Dog Harness

Why choosing a harness instead of a collar?

Collars can come untied when a dog pulls too firmly, but a harness enfolds the entire body, and pulling won’t affect its grip on the dog.

A harness can teach a dog to stroll correctly, becoming a fantastic training accessory to stop a dog from pulling during walks.

It is also handy if you walk more than one dog at once and need full control over them at all times.

The pressure from wearing a collar on dogs with medical conditions can be eased from their throat by replacing it with the harness.

Dogs needing assistance during walks or getting up after a break can have a bit of lifting assistance when necessary without causing discomfort or pain by merely wearing a suitable dog harness. 

When you have an enthusiastic dog or a puppy, you often find yourself tangled in its leash. Replacing the collar with a soft harness will put a stop to this. It will also make walking your dog safer in heavy traffic and crowded areas as you will be able to stop the dog from rushing in front of you. The harness will apply equal pressure on the body, restricting unwanted movements without causing strain to the dog.

Remember to remove the harness once the dog is back home, as constant use can cause the fur to tangle and irritate the skin. 

It is also worth knowing that a harness can not wholly replace a collar. On the collar, you have to attach the dog’s identity tag. Of course, you can secure the identity information on a special lock on the harness if your harness has one. Regardless of your choice, make sure that the dog has its IDs always on when outdoors.

Find the best harness at your local pet store, supermarkets, or online retailers and enjoy a new way of walking and bonding activities with your favorite pet today.