Dog sleeping bag

A dog sleeping bag is made of thicker material, sometimes insulated. Some look like the human camping sleeping bags whilst others have an oval shape resembling a cave, hence the name ”cave for dogs”.

This is the perfect travel accessory for dogs ant it comes in various sizes:

  1. SMALL - for dogs under 10 pounds
  2. MEDIUM - for dogs between 10 and 20 pounds
  3. LARGE - suitable for dogs between 20 – 30 pounds
  4. XL - for dogs over 30 pounds

For larger dogs the best choice in terms of a sleeping bag is the flat one that resembles to the ones designed for people.


A sleeping bag is an enclosed space that offers warmth and a sense of protection.
It would give your dog the sensation of cuddling due to its cosy space. 

  • It is perfect for the long winter days and nights
  • It can be placed anywhere in the house and even in your bed
  • It gives a sense of comfort
  • Smaller dogs will appreciate its design as it gives them a sense of protection
  • If you have a rescued dog, this sleeping bag can offer a sense of assurance and belonging
  • A dog sleeping bag designed for camping or hiking make these activities more enjoyable together.

How to take care of this product:

Choose a material that is easy to clean and read the manufacturer’s washing instructions. Some sleeping bags could be machine washable whilst others need to be washed by hand.

Use the vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dog hair and wipe clean frequently. 

Where can you find them?

Dog sleeping bags can be bought online, stores and pet-shops.

If you are creative and have enough free time you could search for a dog sleeping bag pattern but this could be quite costly.

Yes, you get to choose your own materials and designs, however, taking in account the cost of the pattern, materials and sewing hours you may find it gets as expensive as buying one already made.

And why wait? Your dog needs this now. 

Here are some sleeping bag choices found online for you:

  • Hurtta Outback Dreamer Dog Sleeping Bag
  • RUFFWEAR - Highlands Sleeping Bag for Dogs, Meadow Green
  • Ethical Pets Sleep Zone Cuddle Cave Pet Bed
  • Expxon Cozy Polar Fleece Pet Cave - Winter Warmer Dog Cat Sleep Bag Bed Nest Mat Kennel
  • Best Pet Supplies Cave / Tent Bed for Pets

Hurtta Outback Dreamer Dog Sleeping Bag

This is a fantastic choice if you want to spend quality outdoor time with your dog and go camping or hiking.


Designed for outdoor use

It’s very light, making it easy to travel with

Dogs can sleep in their natural position as it allows space for curling

Lined with foil – providing a comfortable temperature (not too hot and not too cold)

It is insulated and repels water

Includes a travel bag to ease carrying


Suitable for camping

Comes in sizes (Small, Medium and Large)


Sizing is a little small so you might need a size up

RUFFWEAR - Highlands Sleeping Bag for Dogs, Meadow Green


Easy to pack and unpack

Easy to carry

Suitable for camping and hiking adventures

Made with synthetic insulation for extra comfort

Made from a durable material

Opened measures 35x26 inch

Water resistant material

Easy to clean

Comes with a zip to make it easier for your dog to settle in 

Can be used indoors as a blanket to lay on

Your dog can carry it on its backpack


A bit heavy for a small dog

Ethical Pets Sleep Zone Cuddle Cave Pet Bed



Easy to use

Gives a lot of warmth

Good hiding place

Suitable for small dogs

Interior made of plush

Outside material is faux suede

7 color choices

Can be machine washed


Comes in 2 sizes only, XS and S

Expxon Cozy Polar Fleece Pet Cave - Winter Warmer Dog Cat Sleep Bag Bed Nest Mat Kennel


Comes in 4 sizes (small, medium, large and x-large)

Made of soft fleece for extra warmth

Comes in 6 colors

Good price


• Not suitable for outdoor use

Best Pet Supplies Cave / Tent Bed for Pets


Unusual shape

Great for indoor use

Comes in a choice of materials, patterns and colors

Poly-foam lining inside

Comes in 3 sizes (medium, large and x-large) x-large is 19x19 inch

Can be machine washed

Can be packed for travelling

Cosy and comfortable


Not great for bigger dogs

Doesn’t allow space for stretching


There are plenty of options for dog sleeping bags on the market.

The best option is to buy a sleeping bag that is suitable for your dog’s needs. This means that if you have a bigger dog you might want to opt in for Hurtta Outback Dreamer Dog Sleeping Bag rather than a buying a cave style one. This bag is a great choice for outdoor use allowing your companion to have comfort in your adventure journeys.

If you have a puppy or a small sized dog you might want to go for Expxon Cozy Polar Fleece Pet Cave - Winter Warmer Dog Cat Sleep Bag Bed Nest Mat Kennel. This product is comfortable and keeps your pet warm and can be used indoors and in your tent as well.

Finally, you might want to look into adding extra comfort by choosing a dog pillow. 

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