Canine Weight Set® / Weighted Animal Vest®

Dog workout

The Weighted Animal Vest is the best way for your pet to strengthen its legs, keep its weight under control and improve its strength, along with many other benefits.

This is a piece of exclusive equipment that includes full-body vest weights on all the four legs.

The weights do not touch the body, and its strap padding is designed to prevent rubbing your dog. Additionally, it has a high-quality patented design and materials at an affordable price.

As a dog owner, you will be amazed by the way in which this weighted animal vest will greatly help your pet.

Weighted animal vest

A big advantage is that you can use this weighted animal vest with all types of dogs, including the overactive ones, overweight, sport training dogs, dogs with injuries, and even dogs suffering from animal stress or anxiety.

Full Body Weighted Dog Vest, Weights Distributed On All 4 Legs – More Effective Workout, Builds Strength and Improves Overall Health

This product would be appreciated by all types of dog owners such as dog walkers, dog trainers or competitive sport dog owners.

After you purchase, receive, and start using this vest, you will realize that you got the best deal for your money.

You will be surprised by the sheer amount of benefits the weighted animal vest brought for your canine pet. To name a few of them:

Dog wearing a weighted animal vest
  • improved muscle tone
  • strength
  • balance
  • coordination
  • speed
  • endurance
  • agility
  • performance

It also reduces aggression in dogs and heightens the bonding between you and your dog.

The exclusivity of the weighted animal vest:

Front and back leg placement

This product is unique on the market. No one has ever thought of producing an animal vest that provides weight to all your pet’s legs comfortably except us.

The manufacturer considered the vet’s advice that estimates the tendency of other bodybuilding vests on the front legs only to be unhealthy and even producing damages in the long term.

Front and back leg placement

Taking into consideration a professional’s advice, the producer designed the items in a way that provides increased weight on all legs.

Sandbag weights

The two-pound sandbags weight we provide with our weighted animal vest shapes the body of your dog accordingly.
You might be surprised that there is no other similar vest on the market.

Rest assured that all your dog’s needs and your expectations of this product are met with our package.

Sandbag weights

Weight resistance and weight placement

This product provides adequate weight that ensures that your dog builds the maximum strength and power, unlike other animal vests that lack enough weight.

Uniquely, we have put the weight evenly on the outside to allow for coordination and balance.

Weight resistance and weight placement

Vest and strap padding

We know that all owners take great care of their dogs’ safety, which has prompted us to create suitable padding on the vest and its straps.

To be more specific, we have added a half padding under the weights to increase your dog’s comfort and ensure that the weights do not exert too much pressure on its body.

Moreover, we added padding along the straps to ensure that they do not touch the body of your dog as well as for the ease of breathing.

Vest and strap padding

Finally, this vest is lightweight and can be washed with cold water in your washing machine.