Grain-free dog food brands

Grain-free dog food brands

Grain-free dog food packs are specially formulated for dogs suffering from frequent stomach indigestion, bloating, or pain after meals. This dog food might be recommended as a diet change over a certain period by a certified vet.

The grain-free dog food is mainly hypoallergenic and suitable for dogs with wheat allergy symptoms or those with digestive issues.

Dog owners should only change their dogs’ diet at a vet’s recommendation and maintain this diet for the time that was advised. Before changing the usual food given to a dog, the vet might ask you to start a trial period before switching to a grain-free diet to see how your dog manages the change.

Around the world, dog food brands started to produce grain-free and gluten-free dog food to cater to all breed sizes and life stages. Too much choice might appear confusing for dog owners, especially as these types of products from certain brands were highlighted as being problematic for some dogs (linked with heart disease due to the lack of or reduced Taurine content and the use of unsuitable grain replacements).

Victor Dog Food Grain-Free

Brands that offer high-quality grain free dog food formulas

Good brands should be packed with protein and have ingredients of the finest quality, Omega 6 and Omega 3, and plenty of good oils.

The starches used to replace the grain content should be of good quality, with cellulose and soy being a small addition to the kibble or the wet food pack. Here are our preferred grain-free dog food brands:

Offers grain-free kibble and wet dog food with different choices of meat. They also have grain-free dog treats in “Honest to Dog” pouches of 142g.

  • Victor Dog Foods

This super premium brand has grain-free dry food suitable for dogs at all life stages. They also have canned formulas with meat and vegetables in delicious gravy sauce. If you want to learn more about their offer, read Victor Dog Food reviews.

With a holistic approach to feeding pets, this brand sells grain and gluten-free dog food with added probiotics, suitable for all dog breed sizes and life stages.

Offers a complete menu for dogs and puppies: dry kibble, wet food, and treat pouches. Lily’s Kitchen diabetic dog treats can help tempt your diabetic dog into eating regularly.

Offer grain-free dry food for adult dogs suitable for all breeds, with three flavours: chicken and sweet potato, salmon and sweet potato, and turkey plus sweet potato.

Golden Retriever puppies eating

Where to buy these brands

Buying grain-free dog food is quite easy as it can be found in supermarkets, pet shops and pet clinics.

If you prefer the comfort of buying online, the brands listed above have their webshops. You can also find grain-free dog food on websites containing pet food reviews on Amazon or eBay.

Switching diets

When the grain-free diet period nears the end, returning to the usual dog food should be staggered to avoid stomach pain and bloating.

Always consult a vet before changing your dog’s diet from normal to grain or gluten-free or vice-versa.