What dogs are good with cats?

If you already have a cat but want to add a dog to your family, you might worry whether you will choose the best breed. Perhaps you have a dog but want to have a cat as well. Is your dog going to accept the new arrival?

How to show a dog affection ?

Humans are primates and show affection by hugging but hugs for a dog give a very different message. Dogs are canids and will put their paws on another dog to show dominance.

Let’s face it, we just adore our dogs, don’t we?

They are more than man’s best friend, as listeners, snugglers and keepers of our hearts, all they really ask for in return is our attention.

When I first heard about dog shoes, I was super curious, I liked the idea that precious little paws could be protected. The thing is, as any dog walker will agree – dogs love the routine of walks!

Wagging tails and willing hearts are instantly ready for action as soon as you head for that lead!

As wonderful friends, we are blessed with dogs for companions, and it is our joy to look after the little things that really make a difference in their world.

White dog in the woods

The most significant advantage to you after avoiding injury to your dog is going to be on those days when your dog has raced off and skidded to a halt.

Either soaked the dog shoes in a puddle or got them muddy or full of sand … and it’s no problem because you can pop them in the washing machine and have them clean and dry in a jiffy!

And then, before you know it, you’ll be back out there again with a happy, protected boy or girl who enjoys life with you by their side, looking out for them.

Improve your dog walking experience

On the market you can find so many apps that make your life easier. So, why not an app that enhances your dog walking experience?

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