How frequently should you wash your dog’s bedding?

Wash your dogs bedding

People clean their mattress covers and bedding quite frequently to maintain a healthy sleeping environment. But what about a dog’s bedding? 

How often do owners clean it or wash it in a laundry machine? Maybe once in a few months or some cases never. 

Not making a habit of cleaning dogs bedding is not healthy at all. Uncleaned dog bedding can become a breeding ground for germs creating an unhygienic living and sleeping environment for both dog and the owner.

Why is it important to wash your dog’s bedding regularly?

Clean bedding supports a dog and its master’s health. The dog will feel comfortable and looked after, improving its mental health and general wellbeing.

A breeding ground for illnesses

The dog’s bedding contributes to one of the most incredible environments for germs and bacteria to breed and spread. Tapeworm eggs, mites, hair, dead skin cells could be easily seen under the microscope. 

Health risks for dog and owners

Dog flea and mites are not only a problem for your dog but you too. If your dog has fleas, the chances are you will also have a flea problem in your carpets and other areas of your home, according to Diamond Pest Control.

When dogs play a lot outdoors, in the dirt, muddy puddles, or long grass fields, they might bring a lot of things inside:

  • Blood-sucking ticks, which will make your dog weak and prone to infections. Moreover, they can be transmitted to humans as well.
  • Dirt – visible effects around the house; however, the less visible ones may affect your dog’s skin, causing irritation. Small dust particles can enter the animal and the human body through the air, affecting the lungs in time.
  • Unknown chemicals – from puddles
Dogs bedding

How frequently should you wash your dog’s bedding?

The cleaning frequency depends entirely on how much dirt your dog brings along. If your dog is playful and likes bathing in the earth, you may need to wash the bedding at least once every week. Brushing and using antibacterial dry shampoo is required.  

Dogs that spend their time mostly in the house or are kept from dirt can have their bedding washed every fortnight.

The best idea would be to have extra bedding available in the house. It’ll help your dog sleep well while the other bedding is being washed.

Tips and tricks for cleaning your dog’s bedding

  • Check the label for instructions: You’ll find a tag on your dog’s bedding with some fabric instructions. You should keep those instructions in mind. This way, you can wash the fabric without damage.
  • Maximize the heat: When you’re washing the bedding, make sure to maximize the temperature to its highest and safest limit. High temperature is always helpful in killing all the germs and parasites.
  • Try bleach if the fabric allows: Although detergent does a pretty fair job, you may still need chlorine bleach. This helps remove the coloration, if any, from the bedding. It adds a unique tidiness to the bedding. You can also add some disinfectant as long as the fabric allows.
  • However, if your dog is allergic to scents, you should utilize unscented detergents. Usually, such detergents are labeled as ‘free and clear.’

Wrapping up

Washing your dog’s bedding is as essential as washing yours. After all, your dog’s bedding is more prone to germs and infections than anyone else in the house. So, you need to take extra care.

Even when the bedding looks clean, it can contain germs. Make sure to turn washing your dog’s bedding into a frequent habit. The best way to keep up with hygiene is to clean the bedding once every week.