5 items with your favourite pet’s image

Custom made pet pillow

Each pet has its unique beauty in the eye of its owner. They are family members with whom beautiful memories are created, and often these moments are caught on a camera. 

It is easy to transform these photos into pieces that artfully stand out around the house, enhance a car’s interior and even an entire outfit – for a dog or a cat owner and so on.

An artist can create a hand-painted artwork based on your favourite photo with your pet. This painting can then be printed on a variety of objects such as:

  • canvas
  • pillowcases
  • blankets
  • tea towels
  • mugs
  • water bottles
  • jewellery items
  • makeup bags
  • t-shirts
  • skirts
  • scarves
  • canvas boots
  • wall calendars
  • greeting cards

The five most wanted items are

Custom made pet pillows – The pillows are an elegant addition to any room furnishings. Your pet’s image will stand out to be admired by family, friends and any other visitors. Moreover, both the owner and the pet can get comfy on one of these!

Wall art decor – canvas printed work that can be sized to fit the walls in any building’s interior – offices and homes alike. 

Greeting cards can be personalized with the pet’s photos and adapted to each occasion: birthdays, congratulating events, and special holidays. Proud owners will probably make sure that their pets are surrounded with photo props and all kind of accessories suitable for each of these occasions.

Other well-loved items are personalized mugs that can take a prime place in a proud pet parent’s kitchen. Guests will be served their hot drinks in one of these mugs adorned with the portraits of the owner’s beloved pet.

Jewellery, especially engraved pendants, are a favourite among animal lovers, and personalized portraits can make a fantastic gift for pet owners.

Regardless of the top preferences shown above, the best gift an owner can receive is one that reflects the actual image of their favourite pet, more so if that reminds them of a particular moment in their lives. 

Custom made articles based on animal-themed photographs can surprise anyone, so don’t hesitate to have a look on various artists’ pages to get a unique, timeless keepsake.