How to keep your poodle clean

How to keep your poodle clean

Poodles require quite a lot of grooming. To keep your poodle clean you should follow these steps:

  • Brush its coat frequently

Their thick wavy coat needs to be taken care of regularly to prevent matting. This must be done by brushing it every other day with a high-quality dog brush.

  • Remove tangles with a good pair of scissors

Matted hair, grass, and other small things can get stuck onto the poodle’s coat. This can make the dog uncomfortable, and it is recommended to be removed as soon as possible. Easily done with a pair of scissors, the fur will remain clean and luscious.

  • Use dog teeth cleaning products

Safe dog teeth cleaning

Teeth cleaning needs to be done regularly to prevent tartar build-up, gum infections, and other mouth diseases. Safe cleaning can be achieved by using :

  • A toothbrush with a small amount of dog toothpaste
  • The best dog teeth cleaning wipes that come moistened with a dental solution
Poodle teeth cleaning
  • Trim its nails

A dog’s nails need to be checked regularly to prevent nail or paw infections. The nails can be trimmed with a dog nail clipper and a nail file. Have at hand an antiseptic solution in case of accidentally cutting the quick.

  • Check and clean the poodle’s ears weekly

Poodle ears care

Poodles have floppy ears that keep the ear canals always moist and warm. They also have a lot of hair growing in the outer ear canal, and all of these make poodles prone to ear infections.

Owners should check their dog’s ears weekly and remove any unwanted hair from the area. Any other debris found in the outer canal should be taken out gently. After each wash or swim session, a cotton ball can be used to wipe off any moisture excess.

  • Give your poodle regular baths – brush the coat before and after the bath

The best type of shampoo for poodles

Poodles need a whole body wash once every 3 weeks to prevent tangling and foul body odor. Their type of hair requires the use of good dog shampoo for poodles. It should lather easily, cover all the coat, have detangling ingredients, and be free of harsh chemicals.

Between the washes, owners could also use a dry shampoo for poodles. This will remove the excess oil and keep the dog smelling fresh until the next bath.

Poodle smelling fresh
  • Trim its hair

Equip yourself with a good dog hair trimmer and use it periodically to shorten the poodle’s hair. There are multiple trim styles to choose from. Attention should be paid to the facial and ear area.

  • Visit a professional grooming salon from time to time

A professional grooming salon will trim your poodle’s hair in whatever style you would like to. They will also check the length of their eyelashes. The eyelashes need to be trimmed as well to prevent eye infections.

The professional groomer will ensure that your pet grooming routine is done correctly, and it would give you a chance to take a break from this chore.

Poodles make amazing pets, and all the trouble with keeping them clean is forgotten when they come to you for a cuddle. Intelligent, fun, and energetic, the poodle will remain a favorite companion for many years to come.