Most wanted dog accessories – Short Guide

Most wanted dog accesories

Owning a dog means you need to spend some money on practical accessories for day-to-day activities and lifestyle. Once these are in place, you may find that many accessories enhance your dog-owning experience and even allow you to express your unique style.

We made a list to give you an idea about what you could get for your dog. You could find exciting new items you might not think about and you or your dog needed.


A dog collar is a must-buy for all dog owners. You can add a name tag on the collar containing all the necessary information in case your dog gets lost. It is also the way you will be able to attach a leash when walking your dog.

Pick a collar that suits your dog’s size and remain mindful that it might need to be changed through various stages of growth. Most dog owners have more than just one dog collar, as the supply on the market offers a wide range of collars made from various materials such as leather, PVU, nylon, and other fabrics in various sizes, shapes, and colours.

Collars can be fashionable, having all kinds of prints, novelty designs, studs, rhinestones, and even lights.

Name tag

These metal or plastic-made tags help identify your dog when needed. They should have enough space to add the dog’s name and the owner’s details. Some tags can even include information on vaccinations – which is useful for travelling abroad.

Some tags are made in a variety of shapes to suit all tastes. Also, for dogs that dislike dangly things, adding a personalized slider tag that can be attached by sliding it onto the collar is a good choice.

Dog feeders

Water and a food bowl are basic items that should not miss in a dog owner’s home. It’s one of the first things every new dog (puppy, adult, adopted) needs when starting its new life in a new home.

Food bowls can be made of metal, plastic, ceramic, wooden, or bamboo. Colourful or not, they should be well made to avoid any incidents in case of damage.

A handy feeder for busy owners is an automatic dog feeder, a food dispenser that will release the food at times set by the owner according to the dog’s feeding schedule.

Dog feeding


All dogs must be kept on a leash for their and the passers-by’s safety. A leash will ensure your dog can remain close and under your control.

Dog leads come in different sizes, and materials and can also be classed by activities:

  • training leash
  • hands-free walkies
  • tether (temporary)
  • dual walking (for two dogs)
  • jogging lead (resembling a hand glove)
  • multipurpose lead

Grooming tools

Items for dog care are the next most wanted accessories, and we don’t include essentials like dry shampoo, brush, or dog nail clippers.

The most sought-after grooming items include:

  • towels – quick-dry, microfibre or noodle
  • mats – to rest after a wash
  • drying bags 

Dog sleeping accessories

Encouraging your dog to sleep in its bed takes a bit of time. Buying the right accessories is one step further in achieving this. Dog owners are using more than just one bed/cover for their pets:

Dog sleeping accessories

Dog harness

This item has begun its upward trend over the past years. What was considered a tool for training, dog grooming, or hauling, new harnesses are now used for day-to-day walks, jogging, hiking, and other activities?

A dog harness will relieve the strain on the dog’s neck when pulling on the leash.

Dog clothes

When thinking about clothes for dogs, most people think about fashion rather than utility. Yes, they can be chic little items that dog owners can use to dress up their pets for special occasions; however, dog clothing items can become useful accessories for small breed types. 

For example, an overcoat can protect a smaller-sized dog or a short-furred one from dropping temperatures. The same can be said in the case of older dogs suffering from arthritis.

UV and heat protection are other reasons why dog owners want to buy clothes for their pets.

Dog shoes and boots

Footwear for dogs? You may wonder about the practicality of choosing such an item. 

Waterproof dog shoes and snow boots are the perfect way to protect a dog’s sensitive paws when the temperatures are low, especially if owning a more delicate breed or an older adult dog.

Active dog owners and their pets can enjoy snow sports safely for longer when using these special boots.

Dog shoes are practical when your dog joins you on a trek or hiking, as they offer support and protect against sprains and possible injuries.

Dog shoes - green boots

GPS tracker 

A dog tracker has become a must for most dog owners, as dog thieves seem to thrive nowadays. Puppies and mature dogs are targeted and stolen to make fast money. No wonder a dog GPS tracker is one of the most wanted dog accessories.

Dog backpacks

Small backpacks designed for dogs are handy for longer walks or hiking. Here dog owners can add food, treats, water, and a dog first aid kit.

Trendy, colourful, or hi-vis, there are plenty to choose from.

When you take your backpack, don’t forget to add enough dog poop bags to pick up any mess and leave the area clean after your dog.


Dogs adore playing, no matter their age. Dog toys can be made of different materials for training, chewing, and bonding with humans and other pets.

From novelty, squeaky, and squeezy, to bathtime toys, dog owners can choose the ones that suit their pet’s temper.

Interactive games and dog puzzles are the most sought-after toys on the market.

Dogs adore playing

Playpens and exercise fences

Playpens can be used for puppies and smaller dogs indoors and outdoors to keep them contained in one place.

Portable playpens and exercise fences can be packed and taken on trips to the seaside, for example, keeping the dogs entertained and close to you when you all need a little rest. 

There isn’t an exhaustive list of dog accessories. However, based on our research, on internet searches, reading other similar blogs, and chatting with dog owners and pet-shop assistants, we chose the items presented above as the most wanted dog accessories for dog owners in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, and the EU.

Buying dog accessories is easy these days: pet shops, supermarkets, novelty shops, specific boutiques, or specialized online shops have a wide range of basic and novel items suitable for all furry pets.