Music for dogs

Playing guitar for a white dog

Dogs sometimes respond to music just like we do: enjoying or hating it. Most of the time, pets don’t actually need to listen to music; however, playing familiar sounds that both of you enjoy at an adequate level of noise songs can be an excellent way to relax, unwind, and bond.

Music can help dogs during more stressful periods of time as per example:

  • during storms with lightning and thunder
  • to soothe puppies
  • as an anti-anxiety relief for sensitive dogs
  • to reduce stress caused by fireworks’ sounds
  • to relieve separation anxiety when the owner is away for more hours in a day/night
  • as a sleep aid 
  • relaxing distressed dogs in rehoming sanctuaries
  • to calm senior dogs
Dogs wearing headphones, listening music

Calming and anti-anxiety music for dogs

Studies have shown that some dogs find classical music soothing. This, however, seems to last for just a few days. When music was replaced with other genres such as reggae, jazz, softer sound from playlists, this might suggest that dogs like a bit of variety in music just like their owners do.

Playlists for relaxing dog music are ready to be found online, on various apps, and even in specialized music shops. Dog owners can also create their own song lists to be played during a journey with their dogs or left as ambient music at home. When looking at making your own playlist, it’s worth remembering that your pet might hate some of the music you love.

One of the best playlists to help dogs relax would contain a mix of genres and tones:

  • reggae songs
  • soft pop 
  • soft rock
  • indie
  • classical music

Orchestral music is proven to have the wanted calming effect on dogs, while pop music doesn’t really make a lot of difference. Pop songs that the owners usually play and are recognized by their dogs could also be played to reduce the separation anxiety whilst the pet remains at home on its own.

Playing music for dogs

Leaving some sounds on for your dog while you are away will provide a bit of comfort, accompaniment, and relaxation during the long hours of wait.

Dog owners can:

  • Turn the radio on – it can be a chat program only if there isn’t a radio station offering soft music. BBC sounds, for example, has plenty of shows that can be added to a playlist.
  • Leave the TV on 
  • Playing music through a speaker system
  • Use Alexa for playlists from Amazon music 
  • Add playlists on other smart home devices
  • Play recordings of the owner reading a book or speaking

Musician dog owners can leave for their music-loving dogs a recording of their own tunes for a more personalized experience.

When playing music solely for the pets’ benefit, owners must remember that a dog’s ears can hear high pitched sounds. Leaving music or a show on a loud volume setting might negatively impact the dog’s hearing and behaviour. It is recommended to try their sound and music preferences before leaving the dogs on their own with music for company for an extended period during the day or night.