Solution for your dog inflammation

Hemp Seed Oil: A Vet-Approved Solution For Your Dog’s Inflammation

You want to see your furry friend happy and healthy as a dog lover. Unfortunately, inflammation is a common issue that can cause a lot of discomfort for dogs. While several different medications can help reduce inflammation, they often come with undesirable side effects. Fortunately, there is a natural solution that is both safe and …

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Playing guitar for a white dog

Music for dogs

Dogs sometimes respond to music just like we do: enjoying or hating it. Most of the time, pets don’t actually need to listen to music; however, playing familiar sounds that both of you enjoy at an adequate level of noise songs can be an excellent way to relax, unwind, and bond. Music can help dogs …

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Can dogs eat fruit snacks

Can dogs eat fruit snacks?

Like humans, dogs have unique characteristics and vary in weight and height; hence differences in metabolism appear. For this reason, feeding them certain foods that are safe for humans can pose a severe health risk for your fur baby. Can dogs eat fruit snacks? Fruit snacks are stapled items in today’s homes, and if you …

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Dog sleeping bag

A dog sleeping bag is made of thicker material, sometimes insulated. Some look like human camping sleeping bags whilst others have an oval shape resembling a cave, hence the name ”cave for dogs”. This is the perfect travel accessory for dogs ant it comes in various sizes: SMALL – for dogs under 10 pounds MEDIUM – for dogs between 10 …

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Dogs waiting for homemade treats

Homemade dog treats

Feeding your dog homemade food and treats allows you to decide which ingredients go into each newly prepared batch. This is an excellent idea for owners with dogs that need to go on a specific diet, dogs with allergies, or simply switching from regular dog food to home-cooked one. Cooking from scratch requires time and …

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Rabies vaccine for dogs

Rabies vaccine for dogs – cost | effectiveness | side effects

What is rabies? Rabies is a deathly disease caused by the rabies virus that damages the nerves and triggers brain inflammation. This disease can cause death, and it’s crucial to notify the authorities when there is suspicion of its existence in an animal. It affects mammals, animals with fur that produce milk (including humans), and it …

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Is Husky a good pet

Is husky a good pet?

Huskies are amazing pets to own as long as you know all that is needed about this fantastic working dog breed, and good care, maintenance, and training are done consistently. Huskies have a gentle nature and are friendly; however, they require supervision around small children and smaller pets as their predatory instincts are still strong. …

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Dog massage

Dog massage

Most dog owners search for canine massage when they look at how to deal with pain caused by arthritis, hip dysplasia, polyarthritis, back pain, a popping hip or a clicking hip, a pinched nerve, stomach ache, or constipation. Dog massage is done by rubbing the body’s soft tissues, kneading muscles, and joints of the body to relieve …

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Grain-free dog food brands

Grain-free dog food brands

Grain-free dog food packs are specially formulated for dogs suffering from frequent stomach indigestion, bloating, or pain after meals. This dog food might be recommended as a diet change over a certain period by a certified vet. The grain-free dog food is mainly hypoallergenic and suitable for dogs with wheat allergy symptoms or those with …

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DEX App Improves Your Dog Walking Experience


DEX App Improves Your Dog Walking Experience  Technology is available almost anywhere. There are apps to suit a multitude of needs and tastes. You can find many apps on the market that make your life easier. So, why not an app that enhances your dog-walking experience? The good news is that a surprisingly good app …

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Rocks in the water

Why do dogs eat rocks?

If your dog is chewing pebbles and small rocks you might wonder why do dogs eat rocks. This is a dangerous habit as it can affect your dog’s teeth and the soft area in its mouth. Other negative effects could be:  Chocking Intestinal blockage Internal bleeding Diarrhea Vomiting Long term illness Death It would be best if you stopped …

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Why is my Dog Always Sleeping?

In accordance with evolutionary history, sleep is common in dogs. On average, these canines can spend about half a day sleeping. Ideally, Sleep is of vital importance for dogs; there are usually no underlying conditions related to it. However, Sleep latency differs in different breeds and is mostly influenced by dogs’ personalities.  While excessive slumber …

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