10 Reasons To Get Yard Fencing for Dogs

Yard fencing for dogs

Yard fencing for dogs is an investment that gives them the freedom to enjoy the outdoors without restrictions, and can even boost the value of your home. Prevent your dog from running out of your yard, and save yourself from having to walk them twice a day when there is a fence surrounding your yard. 

Have you been thinking about having a fence put up in your yard for your dog? Let’s check out the top 10 reasons why dog owners install fencing for their pets.

1. Give Them The Freedom Of Roaming Their Yard

Dogs love being able to run around without being on a leash. And, with outdoor fencing, they can have the freedom to do just that.

Build confidence in your dog by letting them in the yard alone and trusting them to stay within their property while being able to explore and get fresh air. They will probably start asking to go out a lot more frequently when they have the confidence that they can go play or use the bathroom without a chaperone coming along.

Small dogs can be kept safe by having the fence go all the way to the ground and have minimal spaces between fence posts. Larger dogs will need strong and sturdy fence materials and a fence height that is too tall, or at least menacing to jump over.

Further fence training may be needed before you can fully trust your dog to be outside without you. 

2. More Freedom For You, Too

A fenced-in yard provides your dog with the freedom to run around, but what about the freedom that it provides for you? Dog owners would love to be able to just let their dogs out into the yard and be able to trust them not to run away or get into trouble.

Well, a fence might not stop them from digging up your roses but it can give you both the freedom that a physical boundary setter does.

3. Block The View Of Distractions

Dogs that are easily distracted by people walking by your house and cars driving down the road could become anxious and are likely to bark or chase people/vehicles if there is no fence to stop them. 

Having a tall fence that they can not easily see through will block their view of the things that make them anxious and allow them to enjoy their time outside.

4. Protection For Everyone

Being a dog owner is mostly full of joyous moments. It isn’t until something unexpected happens that having a dog becomes stressful and even dangerous.

We do everything we can to train our dogs to be friendly, but the fact is that they are territorial and protective of their yard and home. When other dogs come near your yard, they might want to give them a verbal or physical warning that they are coming too close.

Unfortunately, fights between dogs happen very quickly and can be very dangerous. Having a fence up protects other dogs from coming too close, and is protection for everyone inside and outside of the fence.

5. Keep Other Animals Out

Depending on where you live, you probably have wild animals roaming around such as raccoons, stray cats, and maybe larger animals like foxes or deer. While it may seem like a woodland fairy tale scene to see wild animals in your yard, it is usually quite stressful for our dogs.

Their instinct is to keep other animals out of their yard which could mean that they bark, or even attack them. This could be dangerous to your pet because wild animals could carry diseases that are contagious and transmitted through urine and feces left behind in your yard, or by coming into contact with the animals.

6. Keep People Out

You might have very nice neighbors, but keeping people out of your yard when your dog is outside is for their safety. And, even when your dog isn’t outside, keeping people out of your yard is a good idea.

A backyard fence is a physical boundary that will show people where your property line is, and let them know that they should not cross that boundary. Putting up signs on your fence that there is a dog in your yard will help to enforce that boundary.

7. Saving Time 

Walking your dog can be a bonding experience and a way for you both to get exercise while they take care of their business. But, we don’t always have time to go for a full-length walk with our dogs, and that can feel stressful and as if we are not able to give them what they need.

With a fence, you might find that you can just let your dog out in the yard instead of walking them every time they have to go to the bathroom. This will save time but also save you from feeling as if they are not getting the exercise and outside time they that crave and need

8. Make The Most Of Your Yard

Are you currently getting the most out of your yard? Homeowners rarely use every inch of their yard space.

And, with a fence, you can finally put in the pool that you have been dreaming about. 

What type of fence is going to work best for you, your dog, and your property’s aesthetics? You can learn details of which material, perimeter style, and fence height will be best for you more about here

9. Increase Your Property Value

A fence whether it is for a dog or not can help to increase the value of your property. So, keep in mind that this is an investment.

Going for the best material that you can afford will ensure that your property’s value will be affected positively. Choosing a cheaper building material for your fence might not make any difference, or add any value.

10. Save On Home Owner’s Insurance

Is your pet on your home owner’s policy? Having a fence installed when you own a dog can decrease your insurance premium.

It might not be much of a discount, but anything is better than nothing- right? Contact your insurance rep to make sure that your fence is high enough to qualify for a discount.

Yard Fencing For Dogs, And You!

Your dog is like your family, and we want them to be safe and happy. yard fencing for dogs provides the structure, security, and freedom that they crave by showing them where they can and can not go.

We hope that this article was enjoyable and informative. Check out our other great pet blogs when you get a chance.