Should you wake a sleeping dog?

Should you wake a sleeping dog

The question is when and why would you need to wake your sleeping dog?

Some owners asked if should you wake a sleeping dog to pee during the night. There is no need for this as your dog would wake up by itself if the need arises. 

Never wake a sleeping dog

Dogs are instinctively trained to attack if they feel they are in danger.

Thus, if you wake your dog with a sudden noise or a sudden movement, you risk startling it and your dog might attack you involuntarily.

If you find your dog sleeping in your bed or on your pillow, try not to wake with sudden moves to avoid bitting. 

Brown dog sleeping on a couch
Dog sleeping with toy

Should I wake a dreaming dog?

Dogs seem to be dreaming and are quite active in their sleep.

There are a lot of dog dreaming noises and twitching of the body, so you might think that they have a nightmare, and you might want to wake up your dog. This is totally unnecessary, and it is best to avoid waking up your pet.

Remember that as close are you are with your dog, your dog is an animal, and the human rules don’t apply to your companion.

How much sleep does my dog need?

Different breeds would have different patterns of sleep.
The same applies to the age and the size of your dog.

Depending on its daily activities, how tired your dog is, its sleeping hours would be more or less. An average adult dog sleeps between 12-14 hours a day.

Puppies sleep more as they run out of energy quickly and need longer sleeping hours to develop physically, and the vet’s advice is that you should never wake up your puppy. 

White pup sleeping
Dog sleeping on a red couch

Is my dog sleeping well?

If you are worried that your dog sleeps too much, discuss this with a vet without delay.

If you think that your dog doesn’t sleep enough, give him more activities during the day, look at its diet, and prepare a comfy sleeping place.

If things don’t improve, speak to a specialist.