Most important things to buy for a new puppy

A new puppy

Are you bringing a new pup to your family? Well, that’s a fantastic decision to take. After all, a dog is the man’s best friend and is quite adorable. However, you should keep some essential things in mind before bringing a new dog to your house.

This article contains a new puppy checklist, the most important things you need to purchase when you bring a pup to your home: from collar brands, tracking I.D.s, and pet food to a comfortable bed. All these items can be bought online, from home, from shops like Amazon, eBay, and other specialized websites.

Basic things your puppy needs

Some of the essential items you need for your puppy are:

  • a dog collar
  • a four feet long leash
  • ID tags
  • dog food suitable for its size and age
  • plenty of treats for training
  • a harness
  • a soft, warm bed to sleep
Puppy waiting

Suitable Bowls for Food & Water

When buying crockery for your pet, make sure it’s not plastic. Opting for stainless steel or ceramic bowl is the best choice. Its because such bowls are easier to clean, maintain, and prevent bacterial growth.

It would be best to look for a bowl with a rubber bottom because puppies become quite energetic when they see food. If the base is too slippery, the pup may drop everything on the floor for you to clean. But, if you cannot find a bowl with a rubber bottom, you can use a silicon mat for a better grip.

If your pup eats his food too fast, this may cause digestive problems or could lead to stomach pains, bloat, regurgitation, or make him choke. In this case, we recommend slow-feeder dog bowls that increase ten times the amount of time it takes for a dog to finish eating.

High-Quality Pet Food

High-quality pet food is one of the first things everyone should keep in mind. Feeding your dog good quality food will help it grow, develop its brain, and remain healthy for a long time. Your local pet store will recommend you the most suitable food type for your puppy’s developmental needs.

Check the product’s ingredients to avoid unhealthy fillers and too much sugar or salt.

Puppies eating

Common Tools to train your pup

Training your pup right from the beginning is the best way to start your new life together. Standard training tools may include baby gates or playpens, portable mats, a clicker to teach fundamental behaviours, potty training, and lots of chewy treats.

Once you start with simple training, your pup will understand what he’s supposed to do and isn’t.

Toys for playtime

All pups love to play and chew soft dog toys. And if soft toys are not available, the puppy may chew furnishing items, cables, or shoes.

There are some interesting toys, such as the puzzle ball, where you can place treats or food items. The doggy will try to get to its delicious treat by solving the mystery. It is a remarkable piece of equipment that develops the dog’s motricity and brain.

Puppy playing

Treat-dispensing toys for dogs

Treat-dispensing toys are a great way to keep dogs entertained and mentally stimulated. They provide a fun and interactive way for dogs to earn rewards, which can help with training and behaviour modification.

These toys also encourage dogs to use their natural instincts to problem-solve and forage for food.

As an owner of dogs for 20 years, I can attest that treat-dispensing toys are a good way to keep dogs engaged and happy, and they can also help with weight management by portioning out treats throughout the day.

Prep for cute emergencies

Potty and pee accidents are common, especially when you bring in a newborn pup. Odour removal sprays that are pet safe, stain removal sprays, poop bags, and similar items will need to be always in your household.

A Comfortable Bed

A soft and comfortable bed for your friend with fur is quite necessary. A medium-sized crate will work fine when the puppy grows, as it needs personal space. Several options on the market cater to all breeds.

A bed that will help your pup rest in a warm and comfortable environment, securing its sense of safety.

Safety first

Minor accidents might happen, so it’s better to have a first aid kit suitable for dogs. A priority is to secure your home for your new family addition:

  • Put safety gates in place to avoid stair and trip injuries
  • Install a fire safety gate if you have a wood burner in your home
  • Remove potential tripping hazards, such as cables around the rooms.
  • Ensure that all chemical substances are hidden from sight.
Safety gates and fences for puppies

Dog grooming items

Keeping your pet clean is essential for its health and general well-being. You should add to your extensive shopping list some general items for grooming:

  • dog shampoo
  • a suitable brush for its fur
  • a nail clipper
  • hair clipper if you have a fluffy pet
  • skincare lotion
  • deodorant

Remember to clean your puppy’s toys and sleeping area frequently to avoid unpleasant odors, the development of harmful bacteria, and hygiene-related health issues.

Dog grooming item


Don’t be surprised that you often want to buy more things for him than for yourself. This happens to all of us when a new member is added to the family: a puppy.

It’s difficult to handle a pup as soon as it enters your life. All it requires is some preparation, patience, and all the goodies that will keep it warm, active, safe, and entertained.