5 Tips for healthy dogs that Every Owner Needs to know

Healthy dog running

Do you think your dogs are healthy? As an owner, you have the responsibility to look after your pet. Otherwise, an unhealthy dog could be a burden to its owner.

As with humans, the status of your dog’s health could deteriorate during season change. Besides this, when they eat unhealthy food or come in contact with hazardous substances, they can also be sick.

Here you will get some useful tips to keep your dog healthy and strong.

Keep your home clean

You should always keep your home clean because dogs are used to playing most of the day, and as a result, strands of hair will be everywhere, and you can also find stains of saliva with footprints. 

As an owner, you should invest in buying a vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, your dog will have to live in such a mess. It would help if you did not forget about dust and mites also.

It would be best if you also had a fabric stain remover and a link roller. Pillows and furniture need to be cleaned regularly. If you want to get rid of the foul odor emanating from dogs, you need to invest in a cleaner.

Keep High-quality doormats on your priority list and put them outside of your door to catch all the dirt. If possible, try to clean the dust off regularly; otherwise, it will be a source of your allergy to your dog.

Give them healthy food

You should serve healthy and tasty food to your dog because dogs take energy from their healthy food and reply positively according to taste.

Alldogsinfo says that you need to understand that dogs do have taste buds and only the number of taste buds they have is far less compared to humans. Research shows, dog only can have one-sixth of the taste buds that humans have,

Please do not give them salty or sour food or something bitter. Give them something which smells well, because smell also plays a vital role in their food habit.

They are used to liking food that is tasty and smells good. Give them high-quality dry kibble regularly and observe their feedback on every given food. I recommend before applying, consult with your vet as well.

You can try broccoli, cucumber, yogurt, and carrot, which are proven food for a dog’s good health. Try to avoid giving cheap preservatives, which is harmful to dogs in the long run.

Maintain optimal body weight

Keep in mind that your pet shouldn’t be too bulky or too skinny. Their weight should be perfectly balanced. If you want to maintain the optimal body weight, then give them nutritious food with sufficient exercise.

Please give them a healthy diet according to body weight. However, diet solely alone cannot maintain your dog’s weight. Exercise is also necessary.

It would be best if you took them outside from home to play. If you have a big backyard, things will be easier to maintain. Learn them jump, roll and run.

Like us, Regular exercise is crucial for their proper digestion. If you have no time to exercise them, hire a person to exercise them regularly.

The amount of exercise

Let’s talk about how long they need to be exercised. Basically, it is difficult to say how long because every dog is unique by nature. 

It also depends on the dog breed because different breed types need different levels of exercise requirements according to their age and body weight. On average, dogs need to spend more than 30 minutes of exercise per day.

If they are a male and big breeds like German shepherd or something mixed like German shepherd husky mix and take more calories than you need to burn all of its calories daily, you should increase the time to 1 hour at least. Otherwise, they can show destructive behavior to others.

If they are old enough, then they need more rest compared to younger one’s ones. Similarly, if they are hunting breeds, they might spend less relaxed time.

As if there is no definitive answer about how long they will be exercised, so you should decide it by observing their reaction.

If they become tired, it’s time to wrap up the exercise session. Generally, A general rule of thumb is to allow your dog to exercise until tired.

Take your dog to a vet

It would help if you took your dog to a qualified vet once every month. Less critical illnesses like hair loss or flea infestation can be solved with home remedies. Still, the illness seems to be a serious type like chronic pain, fever, seizure, or parasitic infection. It would be best if you moved to a qualified veterinary care physician as soon as possible. 

Consulting with a vet, you will get an idea about your dog’s best diet practices and how often they will be sick during season change, etc. 

Besides this, when a dog reaches its old age, they show many kinds of illness signs, but owners are used to neglect syndrome thinking as normal but being an expert, a vet don’t ignore the sign of diseases.

Summing up

If you follow all the five tips properly and efficiently to your dog, you can expect to live a healthy lifestyle for your dog. You can’t ignore it because, as a dog owner, you should keep in mind that you are responsible for everything happening to your dog. 

It would be best if you did not compromise with it. If you think of yourself as a friend, then take care properly by maintaining all tips seriously.