15 tips on how to get your dog sponsored

Tips on how to get your dog sponsored

Do you love your dog more than anything in the world?

Of course, you do! And we’re here to tell you that there are ways for your pup to make money and become a sponsored pet. 

Imagine the world as your own pet project, and every person an animal. You need only apply creativity to make it happen!

We all want what’s best for our furry friends, and becoming a sponsored pet is definitely something to aspire to. With the right tips, tricks, and tools, your dog can be on its way to making money and becoming famous.

Check out our 15 tips on how to get your dog sponsored:

1.Time it right

Timing is everything when you want to make money off your pup’s cuteness. Start by getting quality pictures of your dog, but don’t send them out too early. Please wait until your dog is at his or her cutest before you start shopping around for sponsorships. 

Maybe your pup is deathly afraid of water? Don’t worry! You can share quirky facts about them with these sponsors to reel them in.

2.Be unique

When it comes to finding a potential sponsor, the first thing you need is something unique about your pup! Is he the best piano player? Maybe you could get him sponsored by some music studios! 

Does she/he know how to do the MACARENA?! Consider what makes your dog unique and find a company to partner with.

Be unique to get your dog sponsored

3.Look for brands that want to raise awareness

Even though it’s essential to find something unique about your pup, you should also look for sponsorships from brands that support specific causes or charities like animal rescues or humane treatments of animals. This way, your dog can make money and do good for the community at the same time.

4.Have a theme song!

Create an original theme song or video for your sponsored pup to make him or her even more unique and recognizable. Your theme song should allow people to identify your dog with you as owners easily, but it should also be easily shareable across all social media channels.

5.Make a crowdfunding page!

A great way to increase your chances of getting sponsored is by making a crowdfunding page where fans can make pledges for your dog in exchange for collars, toys, shirts, and other goods from your pup. Creating this page will allow you to reach more potential sponsors and show them how much of a following you have so they know they’ll get money from sales of your dog-related items.

Post your dog on social media

6.Keep an eye on social media

Who hasn’t been excited to see their favorite dog lover’s post about the pup they’ve got waiting at home? Social media is an excellent way for people in various industries like pet food companies and animal shelters.

It doesn’t take much time or money! You can share some photos with hashtags if you want something specific (like #dogday), but otherwise, let nature take its course by simply being genuine followers will come back around again.

You can even befriend these people online to build relationships, so they are more open to working with you when you have your dog-related items ready.

7.Promote yourself

Everybody loves a good selfie of their pet, so try creating photo ideas that will help promote your sponsored dog. Maybe you could create a series of calendar shots or do a #TBT with your dog’s favorite toys. 

Try using creative photo ideas that will help capture your dog’s personality. This will make people more likely to connect with you and your dog and potentially want to sponsor you too!

Whatever it is, make sure you’re promoting yourself and your dog!

8.Build an online store for dog-related items

Now that you have all these fun photos and ideas, it’s time to sell the merch! Have an online store where fans and potential sponsors can buy custom shirts, toys, hats, and collars. 

This will allow you to not only generate money from the items you sell but it will also help your sponsor see just how many people care about your pup!

9.Comment on posts

When potential sponsors post something related to dogs or pets, make sure to comment and tag them in it. It might be a long shot, but you never know if they’ll see your comment and eventually reach out to you.

Attract their attention with your dog’s amazing ability to perform tricks or by sharing quirky facts about your pup.

Post picures with your dog and comment on posts

10.Make a list of potential sponsors and contact them

After following and commenting on these potential sponsors, make a list and contact every company! This might take some time, but it’s worth it in the end when you have all these companies working with you to help your dog become a star!

11.Network outside of social media

Networking is the best way to get yourself out there, so take advantage of every opportunity you can. Networking includes things like going to pet trade shows or even attending other people’s networking events where they meet potential sponsors.

12.When you get a sponsorship, make sure to ask for more!

Once you’ve gotten one company to sponsor your dog, keep reaching out! There are plenty of other companies that would be willing to work with your pup, so find them and reach out again! This keeps the momentum going between sponsorships and keeps your dog on the road to stardom.

13.Remember, not every sponsorship is a fit!

Not every company you reach out to will want to sponsor your dog, so don’t take it personally. Keep looking for other companies that are more likely to want to work with you and your pup instead of giving up once one company says no.

14.Keep your dog healthy and happy

When getting sponsored, the most important thing you should do is always maintain a healthy, happy dog. Make sure your dog looks its best at all times! If your pup isn’t feeling well or looks sad in any of the photos, it might reflect poorly on the company that sponsors you.

15.Photoshop your dog into other famous scenes

Who doesn’t love a good Photoshop? Take some of your favorite photos of your pup and edit them, so they are in famous scenes, like on the moon or hanging out with celebrities! This is a great way to get more eyes on your sponsored dog.


There are a lot of ways to get your dog sponsored. Whether you’re looking for big companies or local ones, there is something out there that will be perfect for you and your pup.

Sponsoring your pup can be a lot of fun and will help allow your dog to do something they love while gaining new fans along the way.

The most important thing is to remember not every company will be a fit but keep searching until the right one comes along! Once you’ve found it, make sure to contact them and never stop working with them!