Dog Food

Can dogs eat fruit snacks

Can dogs eat fruit snacks?

Like humans, dogs have unique characteristics and vary in weight and height; hence differences in metabolism appear. For this reason, feeding them certain foods that are safe for humans can pose a severe health risk for your fur baby. Can dogs eat fruit snacks? Fruit snacks are stapled items in today’s homes, and if you …

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Dogs waiting for homemade treats

Homemade dog treats

Feeding your dog homemade food and treats allows you to decide which ingredients go into each newly prepared batch. This is an excellent idea for owners with dogs that need to go on a specific diet, dogs with allergies, or simply switching from regular dog food to home-cooked one. Cooking from scratch requires time and …

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Grain-free dog food brands

Grain-free dog food brands

Grain-free dog food packs are specially formulated for dogs suffering from frequent stomach indigestion, bloating, or pain after meals. This type of dog food might be recommended as a diet change over a certain period of time by a certified vet. The grain-free dog food is mainly hypoallergenic and suitable for dogs that have shown …

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Good food for dogs

What food is good for dogs?

The best food for dogs contains all the healthy nutrients and vitamins your dog needs during its varied stages in life. It should help your dog’s growth, support, and feed strong bones and muscles and supply enough energy according to your dog’s body weight. Dog foods should contain natural ingredients without harmful allergens or chemicals. …

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