Dog sleep

Dog crate cover

Dog crate covers

When traveling with a dog and using a crate, adding a crate cover will make your companion feel more comfortable during the journey. A dog crate cover is a piece of material that is placed outside the crate. The fabric can be waterproof or insulated and comes in an assortment of colors and patterns. Luxury brands use materials …

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Dog sleeping bag

A dog sleeping bag is made of thicker material, sometimes insulated. Some look like human camping sleeping bags whilst others have an oval shape resembling a cave, hence the name ”cave for dogs”. This is the perfect travel accessory for dogs ant it comes in various sizes: SMALL – for dogs under 10 pounds MEDIUM – for dogs between 10 …

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Why is my Dog Always Sleeping?

In accordance with evolutionary history, sleep is common in dogs. On average, these canines can spend about half a day sleeping. Ideally, Sleep is of vital importance for dogs; there are usually no underlying conditions related to it. However, Sleep latency differs in different breeds and is mostly influenced by dogs’ personalities.  While excessive slumber …

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