10 ways to protect your dog in the car when traveling

Dog in the car traveling

I bet your dog loves to go for car rides. You love your dog and want to do everything you can to keep him safe. But what if something happens and they get hurt or, even worse, die? You need to protect them in the car! 

Unfortunately, many dangers lurk in the car. Your dog can be injured by a sudden stop or swerve, thrown from the vehicle in an accident, overheated in summertime heat or freeze in cold winter weather conditions.

Most of us can’t afford to hire dog sitters every time we go on vacation or have to leave them in the kennel for more than a day. And many dog owners don’t want to risk their pet’s health by leaving him at home without supervision. 

Here is a list of 10 ways you can protect your favorite pet when traveling with them:

1. Keep your dog in a crate

Crating is an effective way to protect your dog from jumping out of the window or attempting to get into the front seat. It also prevents them from being thrown around the car during sharp turns and breaking loose when going under 50 miles per hour- which is a good rule of thumb for most dogs.

2. Use a seat belt harness

Keep your pup restrained during travel – either using standard seat belts for dogs or harnesses designed for this purpose. A seat belt harness will keep your dog safe and secure in the event of an accident.

Some vehicles have specially designated pet seats that are secure and comfortable while riding shotgun next to their owner on long trips.

3. Invest in a pet car seat 

A pet car seat is an excellent investment for those long road trips and can keep your dog safe in the event of an accident. Keeping your dog in a carrier is an effective way to prevent your pup from becoming a projectile when you hit the breaks.

4. Drive with windows down

Driving with the windows down can be dangerous for dogs, but it’s so lovely to give them a break from being cooped up in the car.

You don’t want your dog to get hurt by flying debris or getting hit by another vehicle, and you also don’t want them to overheat on hot days. It’s hard to strike a balance between keeping your pet safe and giving them some fresh air while driving!

If it’s not too hot outside, drive with the windows down to allow your dog some fresh air. Just make sure to keep an eye on them and roll them back up if it gets too cold or windy.

Dogs out - drive with windows down

5. Bring along water and snacks

Most dogs are not allowed to eat or drink during car trips, which can cause them to get carsick. If your dog gets carsick, you’ll want a product that keeps him hydrated and feeling better while driving.

Pack a water bowl and some healthy snacks for your dog to nibble on during the trip. Be sure to keep your dog hydrated with a proper supply of fresh water.

6. Take regular breaks

If you’re going to be driving for more than an hour, make sure to take regular breaks. The problem with long car rides is that dogs need to stretch their legs and relieve themselves during the ride, which can be difficult if you don’t want them wandering around in traffic or peeing on your new leather seats.

If your dog is panting heavily or pacing from side to side, it’s a sign that they may have to go. It can be challenging for them to tell you this if there isn’t somewhere to relieve themselves.

Take regular breaks so your dog can get out of the car and run around a bit. This will make both of you happier during long drives. You’ll also avoid any accidents from occurring inside your vehicle!

Dog traveling - taking a break

7. Keep the car clean

Make sure to keep your car clean, so your dog doesn’t have any accidents – especially if they are still being housebroken.

8. Practice before going on a long drive

Dogs are naturally curious, energetic and sometimes destructive. If they get bored or anxious in the car, it can make for an uncomfortable ride for both of you. Crate training your dog is an essential part of preparing them to travel with you in the car.

Before going on that long drive, practice putting your puppy into their crate, so they get used to being confined to one area while traveling. This will help prevent accidents from happening when you go out of town with them!

Practice using seat belts too! Your pup might be excited about getting up front next to the driver, but if he’s not wearing his seat belt properly, it could cause him to harm if there’s an accident … or worse, bring harm upon yourself as well!

9. Plan your route

Road trips are a fun and exciting way to get away from your everyday life. However, they can be stressful if you don’t plan what route to take or where to stop along the way.

Before you set out on your road trip, take some time to map out your route and make sure there are plenty of places to stop and take a break.

Planning a route when traveling with your dog

10. Bring your dog’s favorite toy

Traveling with your dog can be stressful and difficult. They’re nervous in the car, they have to sit on your lap or in their own seat, and they may whine or bark a lot. That’s why bringing along a toy from home is so important when you travel.

Dogs love having their favorite toys with them on car rides – it makes them feel more comfortable and relaxed. When traveling with your pup, it’s essential to bring along their favorite dog car accessories to keep them safe and comfy.

If you have a furry friend that loves going on car rides, make sure to follow these ten ways to protect your dog in the car and keep them safe on those long road trips. Protecting your dog in the car can be a challenge, but following these tips will help make sure they are safe and comfortable during your travels.