What type of dog should I get?

For most of us the desire to own a pet, especially a dog, started early in our childhood. Do you remember when you spent your time drawing dogs or shading in dog colouring pages? Now the time came to decide what type of dog you would like to get.

Choosing a dog is something very special. Dogs are faithful companions that will soon become true members of a family.

Before deciding on the breed of dog you want to get, research online for tips from dog owners and breeders. Look at the different breeds, their specific qualities, size, and costs, of course.

Think about the place you live in. If you live in a flat you would then look for a smaller type of dog and maybe quieter so as to not disturb your neighbours.

The dog's temperament is another important aspect to consider.

You will also need to check the costs for keeping a dog:

  • Food
  • Training
  • Toys
  • Gadgets
  • Cleaning
  • Vaccinations
  • Medication
  • Passport to travel abroad
  • Possible damages caused by owning a dog
  • Any other dog products

Do you have children? You will need a friendly dog with lots of patience. The same would be for an older relative.

It is important then to think of the time that raising a dog involves as well. Do you live close to a park? Can you take your dog outside daily? Are you going to spend a lot of time away from home?

How to choose your dog if you are single

If you are single and want to get a dog, then you need to think carefully about how you will take care of your new pet. Ask yourself why you want this dog? Is it because you want company? Is it because you want to feel safe?

What are the best dog breeds if you are a single woman? What about for a single man? Does this even matter in the long term?

Dogs for working singles

Being single and working means that your dog will be left by itself for long periods during the day.

This means that you need to take into account how your pet will entertain itself along with the aspect of feeding and toileting needs.

The most suitable dog would be from a breed that doesn’t require lots of maintenance and enjoys being by themselves.

Dogs that can be left alone

Chihuahua is a very small dog in size and would be perfect for someone living in a flat, maisonette, or smaller house. Chihuahuas love sleeping and spend a lot of time snuggling down in their beds. This makes it the perfect breed to be left alone during your working hours.

Greyhound is a breed renowned for its speed and will enjoy its time in a park or a running track. However, greyhounds are lazy and love sitting around and sleeping most of the time.

French Bulldog is the easiest dog breed to get on if you are single and working. Its medium size is perfect for smaller dwellings. It loves being in the home and relaxing and only needs to be taken for walks twice a day.

Chow Chow this beautiful breed makes for the perfect pet for singles that are away for long hours during the day. It only needs a walk a day, is extremely cuddly and friendly and easy to take care of.

What are the best dogs for working families?

If you are in a couple or have already a family with children you might want a dog that will make everyone happy.

An important aspect to think about when choosing a dog for your family is who will be able to take the dog for a walk and when. Who will feed it, clean, etc

Working families need to think about dog breeds that are easy to take care of, calm, patient, and can be left on their own devices for longer hours.

  • Basset Hound small in size, this breed of dog is the laziest by far! This makes the Basset Hound ideal for working families. It enjoys sleeping and lazing all day.

  • Boston Terrier their mellow nature wouldn’t be guessed easily only by looking to its exterior appearance! They are happy to wait and entertain themselves whilst you are away and become really playful around on your return.

  • Dachshund also known as the sausage dog. Its size makes the perfect dog for smaller dwellings. It is a friendly and loving dog that brings a smile on everyone’s face. Due to its short legs, the Dachshund tires quickly of exercise and remains content to snuggle down for long naps during the day.

Dogs for families with toddlers and small children

Bullmastiff is a friendly dog that loves being around children although its aspect makes it look scare to intruders. It can be left on its own for long periods of time and don’t need lots of exercise.

Norfolk Terrier it’s a cuddly and friendly dog. Its size is small and doesn’t scare small children. This breed enjoys being part of a large family.

Boxer comes from a breed that enjoys being part of a big family. These dogs love small children, are affectionate and playful.

Dogs for people and families with allergies

Maltese is one of the cutest breeds of dogs. Its size makes it the ideal pet for people and families living in flats or small houses. It’s suitable for people with allergies as it doesn’t shade its hair.

Poodle is a very popular dog breed, easy to train and highly intelligent. Although it requires a good amount of grooming, the fact that it shades a minimal amount of fur, makes it a good breed for families with allergies.

Dogs for family protection

Bullmastiff has an impressive exterior aspect lean and muscular. It makes the perfect guard dog for a family. Very affectionate with children, enjoys exercise and would make an excellent addition to any household.

German Shepherd takes its guardian role very seriously and would protect its masters at any cost. It is a highly affectionate dog that becomes quickly attached to children.

When thinking on buying a dog for older relatives you need to look for the best companion dog breeds such as Schnauzer and also check for dogs that are low maintenance.

For more details, information and tips go to this article.

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