How do you know when to walk your dog?

Dogs wanting to get outside

Dog walking is an excellent way to get some exercise and spend time with your pup.

You want to know when it’s time for your dog to go outside. Signs are that they might start sniffing around and going in circles. They will also pull on the leash. If your dog doesn’t do this, it’s time to let them outside as soon as you see this behavior start to happen.

If your dog is not house trained, it needs to be walked after eating or drinking.

When you see that your pet is about to go outside, make sure that you have all of their supplies ready, like a leash, collar or a dog harness (always get your dog’s accessories from a trusted seller).

Using a leash it’s important for safety reasons and because some people don’t like dogs coming up on their property uninvited! This way, you can keep control over your pup while still letting them explore new places!

Dog walking if you have a puppy or an older dog

Dog walking tip if you have a puppy

When your dog is a puppy, they might not show signs of needing to go out. You should start letting them know when you’re going to take them outside. They can then learn what time they’re expected to go outside. You can teach them this by saying the word, “wait” before taking them outside.

Signs that a dog needs to go outside include whining and scratching at doors or windows. If you prefere your pet to remain in the yard, walk him around the perimeter of the fence first so he knows where his boundaries are.

Some people start their puppies out around 7-9 weeks. Pups under the age of 5 months might not have a lot of control, so you don’t want them to run off and get into trouble!

Dog walking tip if you have an older dog

If your dog is older and doesn’t show these behaviors anymore, make sure you let them know when it’s time for them to go out. 

It’s also essential that you make taking them outside more enjoyable for both of you. This will ensure they enjoy being taken on walks and don’t mind waiting until the right time.

Dog walking is a great way to keep you and your special family member fit.

What is the best way to walk your dog?

The best way to walk a dog is by taking the same path every time. This will help your dog learn the route and will be easier on them if they get lost because they know what to expect. 

Most dogs end up getting lost because they are too curious about their surroundings so this can help prevent them from running off into strange areas.

Please remember to clean up after your dog as well. You don’t want to leave their waste lying around where others could step in it and get sick.

Make sure that you give them plenty of fresh drinking water. You should always bring a water bottle with you when walking your dog, even if they have access to water while outside.

Dog walking taking a break

How long should you walk your pup per day?

Dogs need to go outside every couple hours. Most professional dog trainers say that you should plan on walking your pup for about 20 to 30 minutes per day. If they’re young, maybe 15 minutes will do the trick. 

This is just a suggestion, but it’s worth following if you want to make sure you aren’t overdoing it with your dog and pushing them too hard. Some dog breeds need more exercise than others; some dogs can walk farther than others.

Please keep an eye on your dog’s breathing and heart rate during the walk and immediately after.

Even if they aren’t panting, you may want to cut back on the length of your walks if they seem like they’re getting tired or worn out from walking.


Dogs are creatures of habit, and they typically wait until you’re away from the house before they use the bathroom, so make sure you take them out right at or just after each meal and again in the evenings. 

Please don’t take your dog for a walk right after playing with him/her because there might be an accident while walking them due to excitement!