Where should my dog sleep at night time?

Where should my dog sleep at night time

A night’s sleep is crucial for everyone, including your dog. He might enjoy quick afternoon naps at the doormat, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be comfortable there at night too. The best place for your dog to sleep is wherever you and the dog feel suitable.

Yes, you read it right. It’s because no two dog owners or dogs have the same traits. Some dog owners let their pups sleep with them in their beds, while others find it gross. So, to find the ideal place for your dog to sleep, you need to understand him. It would be best if you tried different positions and locations, and most importantly, it depends on how you want him to be.

There are some obvious places where your dog can doze off at night. You can experiment with these with your pooch and find the ideal one. 

What are some familiar places for your dog to sleep at night?

In your Bedroom

Your bedroom is an excellent place for your dog to sleep. However, it is recommended only if you have no problems with it. As long as your pup is not disturbing your sleep, you can let him sleep in your bedroom. This will help improve the bond between you two.

On the floor 

Where in your bedroom do you want your dog to sleep? Well, if there’s a good mat on the floor, you can let him sleep on it. Research showed people tend to have more sound sleep when they have a dog in their room. The floor is also the best place for your dog if you have an allergy to animal dander.

You should know that dogs often shed dog germs. And it’s the last thing you would want on your bed, right? So, make sure not to allow him to enter your bed if you’re allergic.

With you in bed

Some dog owners allow their pups in their beds. A recent survey showed that almost half of 23,000 dog owners let their dogs to sleep in their beds. It always gives a sense of protection to you and your dog. However, this is not advisable in case you have allergies.

If your pup has a habit of turning around during sleep, it’s not recommended because that’ll ruin your rest. This place sometimes pampers the dog and makes him lazy. So, you might want to avoid letting him into your bed and sleeping on your pillow.

Dog sleeping in your bed

Pros of allowing your dog to sleep in your room: 

  • You can keep an eye on him
  • He stays close to you so you can radiate your love
  • You can strengthen your bond with your dog

Cons of allowing your dog sleep in your room

  • You might get allergies due to dog germs
  • It can disrupt your sleep
  • It can overpamper your dog and spoil him

In a Crate

A crate can be an excellent place to sleep for your dog. If your dog is young, you need to train him to use and feel safe in a crate. You can quickly get a dog crate with a cover of the right size and place it in your room. However, if the crate makes a sound while you’re asleep, you can move it to the other room.

Dog sleeping in a crate

Pros of allowing your dog sleep in a crate

  • It naturally feels like a safe zone to dogs
  • Your dog can easily switch his sleeping positions
  • It makes your dog more disciplined and prevents unexpected accidents

Cons of allowing your dog sleep in a crate

  • Sometimes it can produce unpleasant noises
  • Without proper training, your dog might behave unusually or feel anxious  

Dog Beds

The crate is a good but temporary option. Eventually, you’ll need something more reliable, like a dog bed. 

Most dogs sleep for around 12-14 hours each day, and your dog should feel comfortable enough during this time. There would be nothing better than a soft and cozy little dog bed, right?

Even if you install mats on your flooring, it’s still not as soft as a bed. A soft bed for your dog will help ease his joints. And, if you have an older dog, you may need a special kind of bed and mattress for him.

Luxury dog bed

Pros of allowing your dog sleep in a dog bed

  • Good for his bones and joints
  • A dog bed is a perfect place to relax and offers comfortable sleep
  • Even if your dog shifts positions on a dog bed, you won’t hear any sounds

Cons of allowing your dog sleep in a dog bed

  • You can move freely in your home, which can be a menace.


Now, this is undoubtedly a bad idea. No matter what, your dog must not be left outside to sleep because dogs react to harsh weather differently. Of course, it depends on the type of your dog, but after all, not all dog breeds can withstand extreme heat or cold, right? If you leave your dog outside, you cannot have an eye on him.

Sleeping outside could expose him to nocturnal wildlife and whatnot. This point is worth a mention so that you avoid it from happening.

Dog outside at night

Pros of allowing your dog sleep Outside

  • None

Cons of allowing your dog sleep Outside

  • Your dog can be stolen
  • Your dog can get infected
  • Your dog can be attacked

Where should your puppy sleep

It would help if you were extra careful in case of a new pup. There are not many places where you can let him sleep, and a puppy is like a newborn child who needs extra care. 

Arrange a nicely made and cozy crate for your pup and make sure to place the box on a chair near your bed. A loss of proximity to your puppy will make him feel safe.

After a few nights, you can place the crate on the ground. During this, you can crate train your dog; this will help him develop discipline. 

Once your pup is big enough, you can shift him to the other room in a dog bed.

Where should your puppy sleep

Wrapping up

There are so many options, but what you and your dog like is what matters. So, understand your dog’s behavior and yours too. 

Determine what’s safe for you and the dog, and only then make a decision. Keep in mind; your dog is not an object, and a place to sleep should be calm, secure, and comfortable.