Why are dogs paws so vulnerable?

Can you imagine going out the door, barefoot, every single day of your life?

Effectively, this is what your dog does each time you go for a walk together, so without good protection from the environmental threats posed to your dogs health, those precious paws are open to risks of infection and illness every time he steps out.
The key risk factors that cause paw vulnerabilities can be categorised by key threats :

Weather conditions

Your pet is also a domesticated dog who does not have the same genetic features as those of his wild ancestors. Domesticated dogs will feel the extreme cold temperatures from ice, through into his paws causing pain and even frostbite.


Dogs paws are meant to be tough in order to protect their feet but a wound will allow bacteria to enter and this signals the potential for infections that may require veterinary treatment. The problem is that you not realise that the skin is broken until the signs of infection are evident.

To avoid this, it is better to think about prevention rather than cure and getting those paws covered’ as you won’t have a way of knowing if a infection is present until you notice some symptoms.

Nobody ever tells you that there is a yeast presence in dogs paws which is harmless enough until contact with yeast occurs, through fungi, causing a reaction between the yeast and the fungi that creates an infection that will need veterinary attention.


It is sad to say that we live in a throw away culture that extends beyond our refuse bin.

Broken glass from discarded bottles or windows pose a big risk to paw damage.

Freshly cut trees and hedging can often leave behind tiny wooden splinters that we wouldn’t necessarily spot until its too late and painfully embedded somewhere in the paw.

Even forest walks can create risks when you consider how much natural waste is lying around with the potential to cause harm.

And even worse, irresponsible dog owners who allow their dog of the leash can also presents a huge risk, as from personal experience, I have seen my own dog raise his paws in order to fight off an unexpected attack whilst we have been walking along on the lead, following a forest path and suddenly approached by an unknown dog.

This can get very difficult to get free from when one dog has the advantage and the owner is nowhere to be seen.


Dogs are curious by nature and will use their paws to explore something new or unexpected, and a chance encounter with a bee or a wasp can be horrible for a dog who doesn’t understand what’s happened to him when the pain results.

There is a high chance that your dog may come across an exhausted bee or wasp and the last thing that they want is some giant four legged creature sniffing around them, so inevitably they are going to release their poison through their sting.

You can image how much worse this can be if a dog accidentally disturbed a nest.

The key issue here is protection. It’s about investing in the right items to give your dog the best chance of enjoying his walk whilst minimising any risks to those vulnerable paws.

You should consider foot protection that is appropriate for the size of your dog, well made and reusable to keep costs down.

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