Why does my dog sleep on my pillow?

Why does my dog sleep on my pillow?

If your dog wants to be close to you, there’s a good chance they will snuggle up to you when they sleep.

If you’re not around, the next best option would be to take comfort in your scent.

Your pillow is the perfect place to find warmth, comfort and a reminder of you!

Your dog sleeping on the pillow next to you could indicate that they want to keep tabs on where you are, even whilst they’re a sleep, deriving from a desire to protect you or simply for comfort. 

Dogs sleeping toghether

Dogs usually sleep close together in their pack, its sleeping on your pillow might be a form of acceptance of you being its leader.

When lying in bed, the most ventilated are is your pillow so your dog would choose this spot for a better sleep.

You might wonder why it chooses your pillow and not the one belonging to your partner. Dogs would stay closer to the person they consider to be in charge and also, are more attached too.

If you have children, maybe your dog will choose to sleep their room.

Dogs are very protective of new born babies.

As are the smallest of your “pack” and you being the” leader of the pack”, your dog feels they are more vulnerable and wants to do his best to protect them.

How to stop your dog sleeping on your pillow?

If you want to put a stop to this habit, make sure you provide your dog a comfortable place to sleep in.

You could use a crate with crate covers and pillows, a padded dog tent or a dog sleeping bag.

At the beginning, you might find it useful to leave in its place your unwashed pillow cover so that your dog will still feel close to you.

Dog sleeping on my pillow

It might take some time to train your dog to stop using your pillow when napping and start sleeping on its own pillow.

Remaining being firm, clear in your commands, armed with patience and lots of treats you will succeed in no time!

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