Why dogs are better than cats?

Dogs better than cats

You don’t get airs and graces with dogs – not at all – those furry four legs and that warm-hearted wagging tail represents the most devoted and enthusiastic bearer of loyalty that is the dog, going far beyond the relationship we share with cats.

Far more valuable than money alone could ever buy, the dog is not just a pet, but a living treasure that comes with a lifetime guarantee to deliver love, laughter, and an unequivocal devotional loyalty to their adoring owners. 

Border Collie jump in water

Reasons why dogs are better than cats

Companionship comes as standard with dogs, but above all things – it’s the love you’ll receive from a dog, an unconditional form of love that the owner reciprocates – and the number one reason why dogs are better than cats.

In comparison, cats only get show great love for one thing: themselves. 

Companionship - girl with dog

The next reason why dogs are better than cats concerns their potential for creating that wow element in your life-the X-Factor winning streak that easily makes them more popular than cats – dogs just want to impress you, and their enthusiasm never tires.

Add to this a friendly disposition, that they have no inhibitions about performing for humans-it’s no wonder they get the winning votes every time!

If cats could be bothered, they could learn so much stuff from dogs.

It is unfortunate to note that cats are very limited in terms of what they can actually do to help their human owners-dogs however, are quite the opposite:

Dogs are better than cats
  • having no fear unless they learn to fear
  • having no mistrust unless they learn to mistrust
  • dogs are instinctively driven to protect, and this makes them very desirable pets and even employees when compared to the abilities of our feline friends 

So, on their C.V, nobody could dispute that dogs are more intelligent than cats … even when considered for a moment.

Think about how many roles come to mind when pondering the vast number of roles dogs are recruited to fulfill.

Sought by the military, the police, by charities for the deaf and blind, by educators and even medicine, which recognizes how instrumental an owners pet dog can be during palliative care or for patient well-being-it comes as no surprise to learn that our canine carers are prized for simply wanting to protect us.

Soldier with dog companion - service army role

Could you actually imagine a cat learning how to open a washing machine door to put the clothes into the wash?

Would you trust a cat to sniff out a bomb or a stash of drugs? I don’t think so!

Cats are motivated to primarily think of themselves first and foremost and, consequently, do not care for human judgment, recognition, or even the reward that service to others brings.

Cute little cats

So, not only are dogs, wonderful companions and diligent workers, I must mention that they are wise too. They intuitively know when something is wrong and will do their level best to warn you.

In times of heartbreak and sorrow, they effortlessly provide patience, kindness, and consideration for your woes, showing their concern for you. Offering a delicately placed paw or placing their head gently on your lap, they can look straight into your eyes and silently transmit a loving, comforting consolation. That is not only humbling to receive but also graciously given.

In this sense, dogs are natural empaths and will continue to look out for you non-stop; they are, after all, your friend, your pet, your companion, and your confidant. The cats couldn’t give a damn and go about their daily business as if they were the only species on the planet.

In times of danger, dogs will bark to raise the alarm – from the approach of an unwelcome stranger to the onset of a fire.

Dogs know when something is wrong long before we humans can catch on.

Dogs, therefore, are heroes too and their bravery is something to admire.

Dogs are heroes

It only remains to say that, no matter how many crazy cat videos you can’t help watching and laughing at, no matter how many cute images you see of fluffy kittens with adorable eyes sat in bows and baskets, we all come to realize sooner or later that cats are but limited contributors to the human experience.  

Dogs will always be better than cats because the bond we form with them is so special, so enduring, and so rewarding that our desires to be dedicated dog owners outstrips the relationship we share with cats.

Anybody who has got home at the end of a tiring day will tell you this, the joyous welcome home they get from their four-legged friend means reciprocal delight fills the air like a hundred rising rainbows.

To know such joy is both a privilege and a prize that is second to none.

Dogs will always be better than cats

It’s the greatest feeling in the world and one that transcends that of the lofty cat who will only ever interact on their terms alone. Let’s face it, we all love our pets, but dogs are better than cats at the end of the day.